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Budget calculator tool

Budget calculator

If you’re wondering how much you spend each month on those little bits and bobs, then try our handy budget calculator tool.

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Top 10 car-buying regrets

Car salesman handing a couple car keys

A third of motorists have bought a car they later regretted, according to new research. Here's the run-down of regrets - and ways you can avoid making the same mistakes.

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Blog: The waterproof Sony Xperia Z reviewed

Sony Xperia Z in water tank

Sony is positioning the new, fully waterproof Xperia Z as its flagship handset for 2013. Has the Xperia Z got what it takes to propel Sony to a podium finish, considering the tough competition from Samsung and Apple?

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New OrSaveIt app encourages impulse saving

A woman using her mobile

New mobile phone app OrSaveIt aims to turn you from an impulse buyer into an impulse saver. Money journalist Neil Faulkner looks at how it works.

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Has tipping become a tax for customers?

British notes and coins

Tipping is a strange and bewildering custom. Knowing when to hand over extra money – and how much to give – can be extremely embarrassing. We explore tipping etiquette.

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Would you take a class on how to use a smartphone or tablet?

An iPhone

Has the relentless advance of technology bamboozled us to the point that we now need classes to learn how to use our mobile phones? It seems so, as a number of further education colleges across the country have started offering tuition in this area.

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Blog: Who’s to blame for death of the high street?

Queue in train station

Chris Torney ponders whether it’s his - and other shoppers’ - fault that HMV and fellow high-street stalwarts such as Blockbuster, Jessops and Comet have gone into administration in recent weeks.

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Vouchers accepted at collapsed HMV

HMV shopping bag

HMV's administrators have confirmed that gift cards and vouchers can now be redeemed in stores, following protests from customers.

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HMV to go into administration

HMV sign

The high-street music and DVD chain HMV has announced the appointment of Deloitte as administrator, putting more than 4,000 jobs and the future of its 238 stores in jeopardy.

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Things you never thought to buy secondhand

online shopping cardboard box

Neil Faulkner looks at goods you might not have thought to buy secondhand, but it’s definitely worth considering.

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