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Blog: Why allowing parking on double yellow lines won't work

A single yellow line road marking

A 15-minute grace period allowing drivers to park on double yellow lines to pop to the shop sounds great - but it won't work, explains Maria McCarthy.

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Would you park on a stranger's drive?

Blue car parking sign

One in three neighbour disputes are caused by parking problems, says the AA. Some motorists are even parking on strangers' drives! We take a closer look.

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Shoppers save £3bn with reward credit cards

Money in a wallet

Brits wanting to make their money work harder are increasingly turning to cards offering perks such as cashback, retail vouchers and travel rewards.

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Blog: Parking enforcement or highway robbery?

Blue car parking sign

Parking enforcement in the UK is flawed, says motor lawyer Jeanette Miller, who featured in a BBC1 Panorama programme on the issue on Wednesday, June 12, 7.30pm.

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Car boot sales: Your consumer rights

Car boot sale

Don't get ripped off when shopping. Here are two key pieces of legislation you should know when buying or selling at a car boot sale.

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New consumer rights set out in Queen's Speech

British notes and coins

Plans to give shoppers more protection when they buy faulty goods or have substandard work done on their homes, plus news of the state pension reform, have been outlined in the Queen's Speech.

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Blog: Would you park in a disabled bay?

Disabled parking road sign

Would you park in a disabled bay when you have no right? Motoring writer Maria McCarthy explains why selfish parking of this sort gets her goat.

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Blog: New Samsung Galaxy S4 review

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 goes on sale in the UK 26 April. We take a close look at how it improves on its multi-million selling predecessor, the Galaxy S3.

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Blog: Cheap train travel for students

Student waiting for train

Are you a student looking to save money on train travel? Here are some great cost-cutting tips from ticketing website Red Spotted Hanky.

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Blog: Should traffic wardens be more lenient?

Blue car parking sign

MP Eric Pickles has called for traffic wardens to be more lenient. But is this a genuine proposal or party propaganda, asks motor lawyer Jeanette Miller.

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