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Review: Santander 123 credit card with Amazon cashback

Paying online with a credit card

Santander is now offering 1 per cent cashback when you use its 123 credit card at this Christmas period. We take a look at the pros and cons.

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Barclays to open Asda branches

  •  08 Nov, 2013
Supermarket shopper

Supermarket shoppers who bank with Barclays will get a one-stop-shop service next year.

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Spread the cost of Christmas with a 0% credit card

Cost of Christmas

With careful planning and strict budgeting, the right type of credit card can help you cover the cost of Christmas without storing up big problems for the New Year.

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Blog: Which items do you refuse to pay full price for?

Bargain tag

It's easy to buy essentials such as tea bags and toilet paper for less than the recommended retail price. Which everyday items do you refuse to pay full price for?

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Features & costs of new iPhone 5s and 5c

iPhone 5c

Following its 20 September launch, the new flagship iPhone 5s and budget model 5c are in demand. We look at the features and costs of Apple's newest phone.

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Five money saving tips to cut the cost of Christmas

Woman Christmas shopping

Given that it’s still only September, you may be trying desperately hard to avoid any mention of the C-word.

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Blog: Are you a sucker for a new car?

Car salesman and buyer shaking hands

Only 3 per cent of annual new car sales are made in August compared with 17 per cent in September when new plates are released. Motoring journalist Maria McCarthy asks: Are you a sucker for a new motor?

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Barclays launch mobile shopping app

  •  16 Sep, 2013
An Apple iPhone

Barclays launch a new mobile shopping service that will allow consumers to buy products and services directly from adverts or window displays.

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The six best credit cards for shopping

Girl with bag and credit card

From 0 per cent deals to rewards and cashback, here are some of the best credit cards to use when you simply have to shop.

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5 shopping rules to save money

Woman holding shopping bags above her head

Looking for a bargain? Here are five savvy shopping rules that will save you money on your purchases.

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