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Blog: Stop pushing me to spend more at the till!

Cashier and shopper at till checkout

More retailers seem to be hassling shoppers to make last-minute purchases at the till. This annoying "upselling" practice has to stop, says Sue Hayward.

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HSBC offers 'more transparent' ISA

  •  21 Feb, 2014
HSBC branch sign

HSBC has moved to make its savings products more simple for customers to understand.

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Inflation rate falls to 1.9%

  •  19 Feb, 2014
'Inflation' written on chalkboard

Inflation has fallen to 1.9% - below the Bank of England's 2% target for the first time in more than four years.

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Customers hit by bank card problems

  •  27 Jan, 2014
Withdrawing money from a cashpoint

Many customers of Lloyds Banking Group were left frustrated on Sunday as they were unable to use their cards or withdraw cash from ATMs.

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Banks backing Zapp payment system

  •  16 Jan, 2014
An Apple iPhone with social media software

Five UK banks and building societies have signed up to the new Zapp mobile payments service for smartphones and tablets.

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Inflation rate falls to two per cent

  •  14 Jan, 2014
'Inflation' written on chalkboard

An easing in the rate of increase for food prices last month helped inflation tumble to two per cent for the first time in four years.

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Blog: Why holidaying in a stranger’s home beats a hotel

Manhattan skyline viewed from rooftop

Put off by over-priced hotels on a recent trip to New York, journalist Claire Rees used travel rental website Airbnb to book a place to stay. But how did she get on?

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10 ways to fight those Christmas £££s

Man worrying about Christmas finances

If your credit card or overdraft has been piling on the pounds over the festive season, it’s time to think about getting your finances back in shape. We explain how.

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Blog: How do you budget?

Shopping trolley with receipt and calculator

Increasingly irritated by shop assistants who fail to hand over receipts, consumer journalist Naphtalia Loderick asks: how do you track your spending?

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Blog: Top packing tips for your adventure holiday

Hiker taking in a view atop a ridge

Deciding what to pack for a trekking or adventure holiday isn’t easy. We explain how to travel light without forgetting the essentials.

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