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Budget 2015: The key points you need to know

George Osborne wielding the red Budget briefcase

From a freeze in fuel duty to cuts in tax on savings, we round up the highlights of Chancellor George Osborne’s final pre-election Budget.

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Blog: Are you a fan of New Year’s resolutions?

new years resolutions

Do you struggle to stick to New Year’s resolutions? Well here are our top five achievable goals for 2013, and some handy hints on how to achieve success.

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Blog: Why I'm a fan of premium bonds

Lady with money

Premium bonds are certainly popular, with many people regarding them as a safe way to gamble, says journalist and premium bonds holder Maria McCarthy. But are they worth it?

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Blog: Confessions of a mystery shopper


Fancy free meals and extra cash? Mystery shopping can offer both. Our writer come mystery shopper reveals a day in the life.

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Protect your car against depreciation

Showroom cars

You can protect yourself against a loss of thousands if you claim for a vehicle that’s fallen in value.

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How to avoid car-value depreciation

Car for sale

Our guide shows you the 10 models which lose the least value

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Funding the festive season

Christmas gifts

Christmas is just seven weeks away and while kids across the country are beginning to get excited, grown-ups are all too conscious of the impending costs. Funding the festivities can make a Scrooge out of the best of us.

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Piggy bank

Another month, another statement showing your savings aren’t earning much interest. Maybe it’s time you thought about investing your money in something solid?

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Why it pays to be an early bird when it comes to pensions

An old man and a nurse

Pensions can be confusing but, when it comes to saving for later life, it pays to start as early as possible. Nearly one in two Britons will have kicked off the New Year with a resolution to get their finances in shape.

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With A 'Quote Massage', You Could Save Up To 33% On Your Motor Premium

  •  05 Oct, 2007
Rachel Wallis

When looking for a car insurance quote online, did you know that describing your job differently could save you a nice little chunk of money? Find out how you can save up to 33% off your premium.

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