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Fuel: How low do you go?

Low fuel warning light

Do you keep your car's fuel tank topped up or are you happy to run on fumes? We look at Britain's fuelling habits.

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Is it worth paying more for premium fuel?

Man filling up car petrol tank

Premium unleaded and diesel costs more at the pump but is it worth buying? And what's the benefit? Sue Hayward investigates.

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Why petrol beats diesel when buying a used car

A car's dashboard fuel gauge

Opting for a used petrol car is likely to be much more cost effective than the equivalent diesel model, according to new research. We take a closer look.

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Car review: Chevrolet Captiva 2.2 VCDi LTZ

Chevrolet Captiva exterior

With seven seats, the Chevrolet Captiva SUV is perfect for large families. But is it a good buy? Motoring journalist Tim Barnes-Clay puts it to the test.

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Why is fuel tax so high?

filling up car

For every £1 we spend filling up our cars, vans and motorbikes with petrol and diesel, about 60p goes to the government in the form of duty and VAT. Why is fuel tax so high?

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Blog: Which motorists do you love to hate?

Audi TT

Do white van men get your goat? Do Audi and BMW drivers annoy you? Motoring journalist Tim Barnes-Clay says he's treated differently by other road users depending on what car he's driving. Is it a case of car envy?

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10 cars that will save you pounds at the pumps

Vauxhall Ampera

Rising modern-day motoring costs have caused many drivers to feel the pinch. We list the top 10 petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric cars that could save you a fortune on the forecourts.

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Five future classic cars

Fiat 500

Classic cars have proved to be lucrative investments for thousands of motorists, but which modern cars are likely to be future classics - and why? Motoring journalist Rob Griffin takes a look.

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Blog: Male drivers buy cars for pulling power

Close-up of a silver sports car
One in 10 male motorists admit buying their car in the hope that it would make them more attractive. Does driving the right sort of car give you pulling power, asks motoring writer Maria McCarthy.  Read More…

Blog: The return of petrol pump attendants

A motorist refuelling his car
Is filling my own petrol tank a sign of female empowerment, asks motoring writer Maria McCarthy. Or would it be nicer to let an attendant take care of it?  Read More…