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Drivers clueless at car maintenance

Car maintenance video
Simple do-it-yourself roadside repair skills are becoming a lost art as drivers admit being unable to top up oil, change a tyre, and even open the bonnet.  Read More…

Cars: Why brand loyalty doesn't pay

A silver sports car
Should we stay faithful to the car brands we've grown to love or is it better to have a roving eye?  Read More…

Government U-turn over MOT changes

Mechanic looks under a car
The government has backed down on plans to cut the frequency of MOT tests following pressure from road-safety groups and the motor industry.  Read More…

New rules to protect motorists from dodgy mechanics

Mechanic checks underneath a car

A new code of practice has been introduced to stop motorists being ripped off or given shoddy service by mechanics.

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Avoid this car sales scam

A speedometer

Selling a car on online? Chances are you’ve had plenty of interest but perhaps not from genuine buyers. We reveal a scam that all sellers should be aware of.

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Is new Apple technology safe behind the wheel?

A present box with a bow

Mobile-phone technology is moving fast but how is the motor industry keeping up? We look at Apple’s new voice-controlled SIRI service and ask: is it safe for drivers?

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Motoring jargon explained

A motorist driving on an icy road

There is a lot of jargon that surrounds motoring: what this means is that, for the layman. To help, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common technical terms used by mechanics, insurers and dealers.

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Signs of government rethink on fewer MOT tests

A car engine being maintained

Campaigners have welcomed signs from the coalition government that plans to reducing the frequency of MOT testing could be shelved.

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Blog: Can you drive your car if it’s failed an MOT?

Mechanic fixing a car

MOT testing might seem cut and dried but there is a grey area - if you take your car for an early MOT and it fails, is your old certificate still valid? We find out.

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Win a TomTom & other Christmas gifts for car lovers

A present box with a bow

If you're looking for the perfect motoring gift for loved ones this Christmas or simply plannning to treat yourself then relax - we've done the hard work and made a shortlist. And you could win one of 19 motoring gifts, including a TomTom!

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