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Boxing clever: What do you keep in your glove compartment?

A photo of a glove box by Zawezome

Why is a glove box so called if no-one really keeps gloves in them? What should we be keeping in them? And what unusual items are we keeping in them? finds out.

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The DIY car repairs that can save you £220

Driver checking oil levels in car
Many motorists are clueless about car maintenance and repairs, despite many expensive problems being easy to fix yourself and costing far less money than a repairer. Here's our guide to doing it yourself.  Read More…

Crucial things to check before buying a car

Car breakdown

You may have just found your dream car, with a great price tag and great looks: but don’t let your heart rule your head. Failing to make some basic checks could prove costly.

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Cash-strapped drivers delaying car repairs

A mechanic working under a car

More motorists are postponing car repairs, services and MOTs, according to new research. But this is not only potentially dangerous, it's a false economy which could land you with bigger bills.

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Cars: Why brand loyalty doesn't pay

A silver sports car
Should we stay faithful to the car brands we've grown to love or is it better to have a roving eye?  Read More…

Blog: Can you drive your car if it’s failed an MOT?

Mechanic fixing a car

MOT testing might seem cut and dried but there is a grey area - if you take your car for an early MOT and it fails, is your old certificate still valid? We find out.

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Two 17-year-olds explain the pitfalls of being new drivers

Learner sign being ripped

Are learners being properly prepared for our roads? We talk to two people who have recently passed to find out how they think the system should be improved.

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Blog: Government plans for fewer MOTs risks road safety

Car accident on a white background

A government proposal to reduce the frequency of MOT tests could affect road safety in the UK, writes motoring campaigner Steph Savill.

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How to replace missing paperwork fast

Need a loan

Lost your driving licence? Mislaid your MOT? Don't panic. This is how to replace documents fast.

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Weigh up the costs when choosing a new car

A brand new car

When it comes to buying a new set of wheels, most of us will spend hours deliberating over the make and model before signing on the dotted line.

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