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Campaigners opposed to helmets for bikers & cyclists

Motorcyclists wearing helmets

Surprisingly, many motorbike riders and cycling groups are against mandatory helmets - but for quite different reasons. Chris Torney investigates.

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What would make you give up your motorbike?

Motorcyclist on bike wearing leathers

What would make you give up your motorbike? For motoring writer Tim Barnes-Clay it was crashing, and becoming a dad. But he still misses life on two wheels.

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Campaign for law change to protect cyclists

A cyclist riding on a city road

Do we need a law change to protect cyclists? A group called Cycle Law Scotland is campaigning for just that. Motorist and cyclist Chris Torney takes a closer look.

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Bikers count the cost of speeding

A motorbike on the road

A speeding conviction could lead to a huge rise in the cost of motorbike insurance, on top of the minimum £60 fine and three points on your licence.

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Iconic motorbike movies

Steve McQueen's motorbike

A motorbike that once belonged to Steve McQueen is to go under the hammer later this month. What better time to revisit our favourite biker movies.

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Ministers launch crackdown on fake whiplash claims

a dent in the side of a car

The government has announced a crackdown on whiplash cheats in a bid to cut spiralling car insurance bills.

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How cyclists & motorists can live in harmony

A cyclist riding on a city road

Our blog about difficulties between cyclists and motorists struck a chord. Here are your constructive responses on how the two groups can get along.

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Blog: The Highway Code and winter driving

A toy car on a pile of pound coins

Motor lawyer Jeanette Miller's firm sees a spike in inquiries from drivers in winter months. Heed the advice of the Highway Code, she says, and it's easy to stay on the right side of the law.

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Blog: Can we end the war between motorists and cyclists?

A cyclist riding on a city road

Will drivers and cyclists ever be able to live with each other? And does it matter if they can't? Journalist Chris Torney, owner of both a car and a bike, gives his view.

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Bikers campaign to improve ‘death-trap’ crash barriers

Motorbike on the road

A new report reveals improved safety measures are needed to protect motorcyclists.

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