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Six reasons you won't get a mortgage

Mortgage deed

New lending rules means the banks have more excuses than ever to turn down home-loan customers. We explain how to avoid being caught out.

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Thousands face 'unaffordable' mortgage rate rise

A house made of twenty pound notes

Research suggests many borrowers are being overambitious when buying a new home. But a rise in interest rates means they could get a nasty shock.

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Should you fix your mortgage for 10 years?

House held in human hands

New homebuyers with small deposits can now fix their loans for a decade. But is this long-term security worth the extra costs and restrictions?

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Detached houses the most popular

  •  20 May, 2014
For sale sign

A detached house is the most desirable type of home for Britons, according to a new survey.

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Buyers paying high house prices

  •  28 Apr, 2014
Estate agents' signs

Home buyers are now paying nearly 97% of the asking price of a property, marking the highest average percentage seen in nearly 12 years, property analyst Hometrack has reported.

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New rules set to make it harder to get a mortgage

Model house in human hands

From the end of April, lenders will subject mortgage applications to greater scrutiny – and this could affect your chances of buying a home.

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Fixed-rate mortgages creeping up

  •  09 Apr, 2014
Estate agents' signs

Borrowers searching for a fixed-rate mortgage deal will find that some lenders' rates have started to edge up, experts have warned.

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House-hunters list top 10 turn-offs

  •  04 Apr, 2014
Hand painting wall red

Prospective home buyers have named their top 10 biggest decorative turn-offs in a new survey.

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Ghost-gazumping hits London buyers

  •  24 Mar, 2014
Top of a row of terraced houses

House sellers in London are increasingly raising the asking price of their property at the last minute - even though there are no rival bidders, it has been reported.

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Mortgage lending leaps in February

  •  21 Mar, 2014
For sale sign

Mortgage providers have announced their strongest February since 2008 as confidence in the housing market continues to rise.

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