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Barclays' Pingit: Transfer money as easily as texting

An iPhone
Barclays' Pingit is a new smartphone app that allows you to pay bills and transfer money simply by knowing the recipient's mobile number. Is this the future of banking?  Read More…

Barclays launches mobile phone payment app

An iPhone
Barclays has launched a new mobile phone service which allows UK current account holders to send money via their smartphone, simply by knowing the recipient's mobile phone number.  Read More…

Compare mobile phone deals with

The iPhone 4S and the Galaxy Nexus

Looking for a new mobile phone? compares more than a million mobile phone deals to bring you the best.

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The world's first bamboo smartphone

The ADzero bamboo smartphone prototype

A British university student has designed a bamboo smartphone which is due to go on sale in the UK later this year. Would you buy one?

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Love, relationships, and your bank balance

The word money written in sand on a beach
Money worries are one of the biggest relationship strains, particuarly among the 25 to 54 age groups, according to research. As Valentine's Day looms, we take a look at love and your bank balance.  Read More…

Blog: Smartphone review: iPhone 4S vs the Galaxy Nexus

iPhone 4S vs the Galaxy Nexus
How do these two superphones - the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy Nexus - shape up against one another?  Read More…

Blog: Three simple steps to recycling your mobile phone

The evolution of the mobile phone
Thousands of mobile phones become redundant each year. So what should you do with an unused mobile phone?  Read More…

Who's breaking the laws of the road?

uk speed limits

Who's breaking the speed limit in the UK? We reveal the cars most likely to have specific type of conviction.

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Must-have Christmas gifts & win a Nintendo 3DS!

Nintendo 3DS

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping then never fear, we’ve put together some ideas for you. And you can win a Nintendo 3DS and Mario Kart 7 game. Read on for more!

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Mobile phone insurance: The next big mis-selling scandal?

Smartphone in a box

As more and more customers complain about rejected claims, are companies selling mobile phone insurance are being upfront with customers? Ensure you don’t get caught out by a bad policy.

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