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Natwest site crash problems continue

Natwest bank information sign

NatWest customers vent their fury as a third day of technical problems at the bank stop their account balances updating, leaving many unable to access their money.

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Mobile phone use on planes: Menace or must?

Man using a mobile phone on a plane

Passengers flying with Virgin Atlantic from London to New York will soon be able to make in-flight calls using their mobiles. But is this a good thing asks consumer journalist Naphtalia Loderick.

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RBS & Natwest launch card-free cash withdrawals

RBS bank sign

Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest launch new technology that allows customers to withdraw money from a cashpoint without needing a debit card. Customers use their mobile phone instead.

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New Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone soon to hit the shelves

Samsung Galaxy S3 in pebble blue

The new pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S3 is available to buy in the UK from 22 June. And you can order it from

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Cost of calling home from abroad to fall

Foreign currency
Mobile phone users are set to benefit from lower data roaming charges when using their phones abroad this summer.  Read More…

How can mobile phone apps help new drivers?

Phone apps can help you to learn how to be a better driver, get you used to driving alone and even keep you safer. Just so long as you're not tempted to check your messages while you're driving, mobiles have a lot to offer new drivers.  Read More…

Blog: Free sat-nav smartphone apps: Are they a false economy?

Mobile sat nav

Sat-nav devices have undoubtedly made drivers’ lives easier. But these days you can get the same type of service at a much lower cost by downloading an app for your smartphone. Free sat-nav smartphone apps: Are they a false economy?

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Smartphone use at wheel bigger danger than drink driving

Close-up of a smartphone
It is already illegal to use an ordinary mobile phone when driving but using a smartphone is even more dangerous, according to new research.  Read More…

Apple vs Google

Apple vs Google infographic teaser

Apple and Google are superpowers of the digital age, their names and logos are recognised across the globe and most of utilise their products on a daily basis. takes a look at Google vs Apple, from the guys at the top to stories of their success and failure.

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Lower mobile phone costs for holidaymakers

Holidaymakers are set to benefit after politicians in Brussels agreed to set caps on the cost of using mobile phones abroad.  Read More…