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iPhone 5 and 4G in a nutshell

Black iPhone 5 front and back

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or two, you no doubt will have heard about the launch of the iPhone 5 and its 4G capabilities. But what’s so special about Apple’s new flagship handset, and what does 4G even mean?

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Blog: What features can we expect from the iPhone 5?

An Apple iPhone with social media software

With Apple confirming the iPhone 5 will be launched on September 12th 2012, Best Mobile Contracts look at the features we can expect from the new handset.

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The cost of raising a child athlete

Cost of having a child in sport teaser

Sure, sport provides a child with physical exercise and the experience of being part of a team, but at what cost? According to data from the Office of National Statistics and a survey by Chef and Brewer, that cost can be considerable.

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Crazy names and the rise in name changing

Rise in name changing infographic teaser

For just a few pounds, you can legally change your name in a matter of minutes. More and more Brits are doing just that. We take a look at just how many, some popular name changes, why people change their name, and much more.

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10 ways your parents lied to you about your body

Body myths infographic teaser

Add these 10 tales to the likes of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and other falsehoods we accepted as truths when we were young.

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Celebrity and most famous car collections in the world

Biggest car collections teaser

For some of the wealthiest men in the world, collecting motor vehicles isn't just a hobby: it's an obsession. These top collectors pour millions into acquiring, maintaining, and showcasing their prized rides.

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I'm How do I use Twitter?

Guide to Twitter infographic teaser

New to Twitter? Not sure how it works? Find out the essentials with our at-a-glance guide.

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Blog: Why I love my dumbphone

The evolution of the mobile phone

The UK has become addicted to smartphones, with more than a quarter of adults and almost half of teens adopting them. But journalist Naphtalia Loderick won’t be joining them.

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Guide to buying the right mobile phone

Mobile phone

If you’re in the market for a new mobile phone deal or are due an upgrade, this guide should help you navigate the plethora of deals available.

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Going on holiday? Top 10 travel apps

Hand on a globe
Going on holiday? If so, and you own a smartphone, downloading the right travel app can make your trip run that little bit more smoothly. We round up the top 10 travel apps.  Read More…