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The app that can prove you're a good driver

A smartphone screen with apps

A smartphone app that can prove you're a good driver and cut your car insurance costs? Yes really: MotorMate by does just that.

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Best smartphone driving apps

Smartphone apps

What are the best motoring apps on the market at the moment? We list the smartphone apps every driver should consider downloading before they embark on their next journey.

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Smartphone addiction: The UK’s mobile obsession

Smartphone addiction

With endless possibilities available right at the fingertips, it’s no wonder people have separation anxiety from their smartphones. But how far does this addiction really go? Let’s take a look.

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Blog: New Samsung Galaxy S4 review

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 goes on sale in the UK 26 April. We take a close look at how it improves on its multi-million selling predecessor, the Galaxy S3.

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New smartphones for spenders and savers

The Samsung Galaxy S4

We take a quick look at the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One and some great budget smartphones, along with one dumbphone for those who don't want the fuss!

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Blog: Why is it so hard to get a mobile phone unlocked?

A woman holding mobile phone

If you want to switch networks, you may have to unlock your mobile phone. But this can be surprisingly complicated - and can cost, as Sue Hayward found.

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Blog: Five apps for hen weekends

woman standing on a bus with a mobile phone in her hands

If you're embarking on a hen weekend soon, there's plenty to plan and think about. Make your trip easier with these five app suggestions from Hen Heaven.

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Blog: The waterproof Sony Xperia Z reviewed

Sony Xperia Z in water tank

Sony is positioning the new, fully waterproof Xperia Z as its flagship handset for 2013. Has the Xperia Z got what it takes to propel Sony to a podium finish, considering the tough competition from Samsung and Apple?

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Brits admit using mobile phone while on the toilet

Two businessmen talking on phone at urinal

Dropping your mobile down the toilet is one of the top gadget insurance claims. Do you use your phone while on the loo? If so, you're not alone.

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Windows Phone 8X by HTC: Review

Windows Phone 8X by HTC

The 8X is a flagship Windows Phone from HTC. But how does it fare against the strong competition of today’s smartphone market? Our very own Paul Drury reviews the 8X.

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