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Drivers urged to ditch mobile phones

  •  18 Nov, 2013
Close up of woman using a phone while driving

This year's Road Safety Week is calling for motorists to abandon once and for all the idea of using a mobile phone while driving.

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Miller tackles 'unfair' phone bills

  •  15 Nov, 2013
A mobile phone with 4G

Culture Secretary Maria Miller has promised to "work with" the telecommunications industry to protect consumers from unfair charges and price hikes.

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Smartphones 'sending people into debt'

  •  11 Nov, 2013
A mobile phone with 4G

The need to be seen with the latest smartphones is forcing an increasing number of people into debt, according to a financial advice charity.

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Yorkshire drivers best in UK

Busy motorway

Drivers in Yorkshire and the Humber are the most capable in the UK while those in the North-east of England came bottom of the pile, according to new data.

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Five reasons your smartphone battery keeps dying

iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3

Having a computer at our fingertips in the form of a smartphone is handy but a drain on the battery. Here are five reasons your battery keeps dying and how to fix it.

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Features & costs of new iPhone 5s and 5c

iPhone 5c

Following its 20 September launch, the new flagship iPhone 5s and budget model 5c are in demand. We look at the features and costs of Apple's newest phone.

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Blog: What to expect from the new iPhone 5s

An Apple iPhone

With Apple launching the new iPhone on 10 September 2013, Best Mobile Contracts look at the features we can expect from the new handset.

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Can you cut your mobile bills with pay-as-you-go?

A woman using her mobile

If the current tough economic conditions mean you are looking to make cutbacks, one way you could save is by switching to a better value mobile deal.

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App proves young people are good drivers

An Apple iPhone

Drivers aged 17 to 25 are among the best on the road when compared with other age groups, according to the MotorMate by smartphone app.

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90% say smartphone favourite holiday companion

Man in sea on talking on mobile phone

Nine out of ten Brits say their smartphone is their favourite holiday companion, finds new research. But are your gadgets covered if they go walkabout?

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