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Blog: Why is it so hard to get a mobile phone unlocked?

A woman holding mobile phone

If you want to switch networks, you may have to unlock your mobile phone. But this can be surprisingly complicated - and can cost, as Sue Hayward found.

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Blog: Five apps for hen weekends

woman standing on a bus with a mobile phone in her hands

If you're embarking on a hen weekend soon, there's plenty to plan and think about. Make your trip easier with these five app suggestions from Hen Heaven.

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Brits admit using mobile phone while on the toilet

Two businessmen talking on phone at urinal

Dropping your mobile down the toilet is one of the top gadget insurance claims. Do you use your phone while on the loo? If so, you're not alone.

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Windows Phone 8X by HTC: Review

Windows Phone 8X by HTC

The 8X is a flagship Windows Phone from HTC. But how does it fare against the strong competition of today’s smartphone market? Our very own Paul Drury reviews the 8X.

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Is technology killing tradition?

A calculator, pen and paperwork

Reading a map, writing thank you notes and doing sums in our heads are just some of the skills being made obsolete by technology, according to new research.

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Would you take a class on how to use a smartphone or tablet?

An iPhone

Has the relentless advance of technology bamboozled us to the point that we now need classes to learn how to use our mobile phones? It seems so, as a number of further education colleges across the country have started offering tuition in this area.

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Is iPhone popularity a mirage?

Apple iPhone

Ask anyone what the most popular smartphone is and they’ll probably give you the same answer: the iPhone. But is this true?

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Is 4G worth the fuss?

EE shop sign logo

EE, owner of Orange and T-Mobile, is now offering its customers much faster internet connection with a new, more expensive, 4G service. But is it worth the cost?

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TV goes social: The rise of the second screen

Man and woman on couch with mobiles

Television viewers increasingly watch their favourite programmes with mobile devices in hand, using them to find info related to things they've seen, connect with other viewers, or generally browse or email during the adverts.

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Android vs. Apple: Which is best?

iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3
As the gift-buying season looms, you may well be dreaming of a shiny new smartphone to adorn your pocket. But the big conundrum facing gadget-lovers today is: do I go for Android or Apple?  Read More…