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The cheapest way to buy a new car

Man handing woman car keys

Whether brand new or secondhand, buying a car can be expensive so you need to find the most cost-effective way of funding the purchase.

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How to choose between a credit card and a loan

Woman using calculator

If you need some extra money, you may be looking at a credit card or a personal loan. But before you decide, read our guide on the best way to borrow.

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How to buy a new car with a loan or credit card

Car cost

Motorists gearing up to buy a new set of wheels now that the "64" plates have been released are being urged to snap up one of the cheap loan deals or competitive credit card offerings currently up for grabs.

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Credit unions take on high-street banks

North Wales credit union logo

A new campaign aims to raise awareness of credit unions and position them as a viable alternative to the high-street banks for savers and borrowers.

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Borrowers get best loan rates on larger sums

One person passing money to another

Loan rates have been tumbling in recent weeks, but what you may not realise is that the best rates are on offer on larger loan amounts.

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Peer-to-peer lending explained

One person passing money to another

Borrowing money from a stranger may seem odd but that's the idea behind peer-to-peer lending, which allows you to borrow directly from other people. We explain all.

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Why are personal loans so cheap at the moment?


The newspapers may have been full of economic doom and gloom over recent months, but the picture for Britain’s borrowers is much brighter.

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Why drivers are turning to new car finance

image of model car with coins falling out of it

Owning a new car is something many drivers aspire to and to finance this dream, more and more motorists are turning to, well, finance. With new car sales now making up 45 per cent of the private market, why are an increasing number of people opting to pay with credit?

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Find the perfect loan or credit card with our simple guide

credit card with UK currency note

There are lots of different uses for credit cards and loans, making them suitable for almost everyone – even if you don't need to borrow. Lenders offer a variety of deals to suit your requirements.

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A first time borrower's guide to credit

A pile of credit cards
Never had credit such as a card or a loan and a bit scared of starting now? Well, using credit responsibly does come with a number of benefits, not least when it comes to building a credit record. We explain all.  Read More…

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