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Credit unions take on high-street banks

North Wales credit union logo

A new campaign aims to raise awareness of credit unions and position them as a viable alternative to the high-street banks for savers and borrowers.

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The cheapest way to buy a new car

Car finance

Whether brand new or second-hand, buying a car can be expensive so you need to find the most cost-effective way of funding the purchase, writes journalist Rob Griffin.

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Loans data to be shared real-time

  •  06 Feb, 2014
Pound coins and notes

Credit reference agency Experian is to launch a new real-time service to provide "instant" information about consumers' borrowing habits.

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Probe finds late payments on loans

  •  03 Feb, 2014
Pound coins and notes

Over a third of payday loans are not fully paid back on time, according to a probe into the industry.

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Real-time data for payday lenders

  •  15 Jan, 2014
Pound coins and notes

Payday loan firms including Wonga are to start using a new "real-time" information sharing service about consumers' borrowing habits.

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Payday loan charges will be capped

  •  25 Nov, 2013
Loan approval

The amount people get charged to borrow money from payday loan companies is to be capped.

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Flash loan sale at Sainsbury's

  •  12 Nov, 2013
Holding cash

Sainsbury's Bank has announced a flash loan sale for customers with a Nectar card.

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Best loan rates: How to benefit from the new credit boom

Loan approval

Cheap credit is driving the UK’s economic growth and low-cost personal loans are leading the way.

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Landlords benefit from cheap mortgages

For sale sign

A government scheme to provide more credit to households and small businesses has led to a large increase in borrowing by private landlords.

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