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Top 10 bad driving habits

Furious driver in car

We asked customers which bad driving habits bug you - and you responded in your thousands, with tailgating and failing to indicate topping the list.

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Video: It's never too late to learn to drive - Episode 1

Never too late to learn episode one

Do you remember your first time? We follow 32-year-old Gareth as he learns to drive. Here, he meets his instructor from AA driving school and takes to the road for the first time.

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How to drive safely in wet weather

Car with driver side mirror covered in rain

As the British winter draws nearer drivers are being advised to take care on wet roads. Here are our top tips for driving safely in the rain.

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Blog: Motorway lessons would tackle bad driving

A busy motorway

Forget fines for middle-lane-hogging and tailgating: the only way to get rid of bad driving habits is compulsory motorway lessons, argues Chris Torney.

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Blog: Do you prefer automatic or manual cars?

Automatic car gear stick

Automatic versus manual cars: Which do you prefer? Motoring writer Tim Barnes-Clay explores why clutchless motors have never become the norm in the UK.

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Blog: Which motorists do you love to hate?

Audi TT

Do white van men get your goat? Do Audi and BMW drivers annoy you? Motoring journalist Tim Barnes-Clay says he's treated differently by other road users depending on what car he's driving. Is it a case of car envy?

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Blog: Why are driving test pass rates higher in rural areas?

A motorway at rush hour

Would you rather sit your driving test in the city or country? Pass rates suggest that location really does matter, says motoring journalist Maria McCarthy. 

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Pass plus discounts: Insurance industry con or valuable training?

Driving instructor with student
Pass Plus is often sold on the promise of reducing car insurance premiums, but this is not always the case. So is this form of advanced driver training actually worth it?  Read More…

Money-saving motoring myths: True or false?

Toy car on a pile of pound coins
We asked for your best money-saving motoring tips and you responded in your hundreds. We round-up the best tips - and bust some money-saving motoring myths.  Read More…

Teaching a learner to drive

Guide icon for teaching a learner to drive car insurance guide
If you're teaching a learner or are about to, have a read of our handy guide to help avoid any mishaps  Read More…