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Curfew for young drivers put on hold

Car headlights at night

Government proposals to cut road accidents by imposing a night-time ban on young drivers have been delayed once again.

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Blog: 41% of drivers admit they can't park

A car reverse parking

Does the thought of parallel parking leave you cold? Do you avoid reversing into a space? Some 41 per cent of drivers say they are not good at parking. Are you?

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Driving test proves harder to pass for older motorists

Young and older male drivers

Motorists aged between 51 and 55 have the highest number of attempted driving tests with more than 40 per cent more tries than 17-year-olds, government figures show.

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How to drive safely in wet weather

Car with driver side mirror covered in rain

As the British winter draws nearer drivers are being advised to take care on wet roads. Here are our top tips for driving safely in the rain.

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Blog: Motorway lessons would tackle bad driving

A busy motorway

Forget fines for middle-lane-hogging and tailgating: the only way to get rid of bad driving habits is compulsory motorway lessons, argues Chris Torney.

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Campaign for law change to protect cyclists

A cyclist riding on a city road

Do we need a law change to protect cyclists? A group called Cycle Law Scotland is campaigning for just that. Motorist and cyclist Chris Torney takes a closer look.

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Blog: Do you prefer automatic or manual cars?

Automatic car gear stick

Automatic versus manual cars: Which do you prefer? Motoring writer Tim Barnes-Clay explores why clutchless motors have never become the norm in the UK.

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Our love-hate relationship with the Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra Second generation

The Nissan Micra turns 30 in 2013. Motoring writer Maria McCarthy explores our love-hate relationship with the mini motor.

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New government proposals to improve driver training

Male driving instructor teaching female pupil

The government expects young driver car insurance costs to come down thanks to new proposals aimed at improving the safety of new drivers.

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Blog: Driving test horror stories

teenage girl passing her test

There's something about the pressure of a driving test which makes people do funny things, but it can’t be as bad as these real-life horror stories.

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