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How to insure a temporary driver on your car

A car key electronically opening a car

What’s the best way of insuring someone else to drive your car - adding them to your car insurance policy on a short-term basis or getting them to take out their own temporary car insurance? We weigh up both options.

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When fully comp doesn't let you drive any motor

A woman driving a car
Jumping into your partner’s car to nip to the shops or borrowing a mate’s motor for the day could end up costing you big in the future. We explain why your car insurance might not cover you.  Read More…

Worried about oversleeping? New missed-flight cover could be for you

Asleep at the airport

An insurer called No Exclusions has developed a new type of policy called missed-flight cover. This insurance will get you on the next available flight, or give you a refund for your missed flight – your choice – if you arrive late at the airport.

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Women can halve cost of car insurance for men

WOman taking drive with boyfriend

A female driver could almost halve the cost of car insurance for their male partner. But there are only a few months left to make such savings before the EU changes insurance rules.

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How we can learn from the army's mistakes

British Army soldiers marching
The Ministry of Defence has been buying up more than it uses. But like a soldier routinely inspecting his or her weapons, we could do with regularly checking over our finances to ensure there's no waste or stockpiling.  Read More…

Better car safety needed to cut insurance costs

a dent in the side of a car

Substandard car-safety features are responsible for Britain’s whiplash epidemic and soaring motor premiums, according to a leading insurer.

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Innocent drivers punished with higher premiums

Close up of the front of a red car

A Labour MP is calling for blameless motorists to be spared increases in their car insurance premiums after they are involved in accidents.

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Blog: Pimp your ride without breaking the law

A sporty, modified car

Pimp your ride without breaking the law. Legal blogger Jeanette Miller, senior partner at Geoffrey Miller solicitors, looks at the law around modifying your motor.

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25% of Brits cut back on travel insurance

Holiday postcard
A quarter of Brits heading abroad this summer won't have any travel insurance, according to new research. But whether you're heading abroad alone, with friends or with family, cutting back on travel cover is a false economy.  Read More…

Watch out! Costly car insurance pitfalls

Close up of the front of a red car

Whether you’re buying car insurance or claiming on a policy, make sure these little-known pitfalls don’t catch you out. Two of the most common areas for confusion surround non-fault accidents and courtesy cars.

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