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Brits admit using mobile phone while on the toilet

Two businessmen talking on phone at urinal

Dropping your mobile down the toilet is one of the top gadget insurance claims. Do you use your phone while on the loo? If so, you're not alone.

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Older travellers put at risk by lack of cover

older couple on holiday

Thousands of older travellers risk incurring huge medical bills abroad due to lack of insurance, the government has warned.

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Seven ways to invalidate your car insurance

Toy car on a pile of coins

Forgetting to keep your insurer in the loop when making changes to your car or in your personal life may mean you risk invalidating your cover. We look at seven commmon ways to fall foul of your policy.

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Singles pay £400 more for car insurance

Red stick person in a crowd of black stick people

Single men and women pay more for car insurance than their married counterparts – around £400 a year more, according to exclusive research by

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Blog: Six reasons you're using too much petrol

man handing woman car keys

If your car is drinking the juice too quickly, here's six reasons possibly why.

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Kids' front door keys threaten home security

Key in door lock

Entrusting your child with their own house key is a rite of passage for most families, and some parents now give keys to children as young as nine. But before you get those keys cut, spare a thought for the security of your home.

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Blog: Do you let your partner drive your car?

man handing woman car keys

Do you get territorial with your motor when it comes to letting your other half drive it? Motoring journalist Maria McCarthy looks at relationships and cars.

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Single-trip versus annual travel cover

Passport on a map

If you have been spurred on by the dreary January weather to book a holiday, it pays to have travel insurance in place. We look at the pros and cons of single-trip versus annual travel cover.

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Flooding & making a home insurance claim

A flood warning road sign

Wet weather is an inconvenience for many, but if you live in an area prone to flooding it's a much more serious matter. Here's how to make a claim for flooding on your home insurance policy.

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Backpacker insurance explained

Hand on a globe

Brits young and old are increasingly heading off to see the world armed with just a few belongings strapped to their backs. But it pays to protect against the unexpected. We explain all about backpacker insurance.

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