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Blog: Do you let your partner drive your car?

man handing woman car keys

Do you get territorial with your motor when it comes to letting your other half drive it? Motoring journalist Maria McCarthy looks at relationships and cars.

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Single-trip versus annual travel cover

Passport on a map

If you have been spurred on by the dreary January weather to book a holiday, it pays to have travel insurance in place. We look at the pros and cons of single-trip versus annual travel cover.

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Flooding & making a home insurance claim

A flood warning road sign

Wet weather is an inconvenience for many, but if you live in an area prone to flooding it's a much more serious matter. Here's how to make a claim for flooding on your home insurance policy.

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Backpacker insurance explained

Hand on a globe

Brits young and old are increasingly heading off to see the world armed with just a few belongings strapped to their backs. But it pays to protect against the unexpected. We explain all about backpacker insurance.

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Would you help this 'drunk' man into his car?

Would you help this 'drunk' man into his car?

We secretly filmed an actor, pretending to be drunk, as he asked passersby to help him into his car? How many people do you think refused?

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Pet insurance pitfalls to watch out for

Vets operating on a dog

The financial watchdog receives hundreds of complaints every year from animal lovers unhappy their pet insurer has rejected their claim. We detail common issues and explain how to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation.

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What counts as a home emergency?

Man inspecting a boiler

Now the cold weather has set in home insurance providers are standing by to promote home emergency cover. But what counts as an emergency?

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How to insure a temporary driver on your car

A car key electronically opening a car

What’s the best way of insuring someone else to drive your car - adding them to your car insurance policy on a short-term basis or getting them to take out their own temporary car insurance? We weigh up both options.

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When fully comp doesn't let you drive any motor

A woman driving a car
Jumping into your partner’s car to nip to the shops or borrowing a mate’s motor for the day could end up costing you big in the future. We explain why your car insurance might not cover you.  Read More…

Worried about oversleeping? New missed-flight cover could be for you

Asleep at the airport

An insurer called No Exclusions has developed a new type of policy called missed-flight cover. This insurance will get you on the next available flight, or give you a refund for your missed flight – your choice – if you arrive late at the airport.

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