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Could comprehensive car cover be the cheapest option?

Car with money spilling out

Our motor insurance industry insider explains the tricks of the trade – and shows you how to save money on your policy.

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Your pet insurance questions answered

Dog with red nose

Own a pet and want to know more about pet insurance? Well, we’ve put together some of the most common questions you may have.

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Static caravan insurance: a guide

Guide icon for static caravan insurance
Compare static caravan insurance at We use a range of providers for comparison, in order to find the cover that best suits you.  Read More…

Touring caravan insurance: a guide

Guide icon for touring caravan insurance
It’s now possible to compare touring caravan insurance at Here’s what you can cover against.  Read More…

An introduction to caravan insurance

Caravan parked on a camp site

Whether you’re a seasoned owner, or just considering investing in a caravan, you’ll want to make sure it’s properly insured. Well, here’s a bit of good news: at, we now compare insurance for both touring and static caravans.

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Are women-only insurers a good idea?

A young lady learning to drive

Are specialist insurers for women a good idea or a gimmick? A host of specialist motor insurers have sprung up promising cheaper deals to women on the grounds that they are safer drivers.

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Could you be driving uninsured without realising it?

Lady driving slowly

Thousands of young drivers wrongly believe their motor insurance covers them to drive other cars, new research from has found.

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Five tips to avoid pet insurance scams

A pug tilting its head in confusion

With the cost of veterinary treatments rising every year, pet insurance is becoming more popular. However, the level of cover provided by pet insurers differs, so is it really worth the money? And, if so, how can you avoid the scams?

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Would you pay a fee for financial advice? editor Sharon Flaherty

You may or may not have used a financial adviser in the past, but you’re likely to know someone who has.

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Remember to declare motorbike modifications to your insurer

Three motorbikes lined up together

As a bike enthusiast, you may be tempted to customise your beloved two-wheeled machine by swapping your existing exhaust for a sports exhaust, increasing engine capacity, or adding crash bars.

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