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Home insurance: Don't waste money by doubling up

iPhone 4s photo by Ethan.zhang99

Your home insurance policy may already give you protection for items such as mobiles and household appliances

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Odd reasons why car insurance costs go up

front corner of a red classic car

The way car insurance companies think does not always appear logical. Here are some odd reasons your premiums could go up

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All you need to know about car insurance

front detail of the new nissan micra

Our comprehensive guide answers all your questions about getting the right cover

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How to get your car insurance application right

A frustrated man

Got five minutes? Check out our quick guide to applying for car insurance. Our quick guide shows you how to make the car insurance application process run smoothly.

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How keys can invalidate your home insurance policy

working from a conservatory at home

Most homes usually have several keys covering front doors, back doors, side doors, and windows as well as garages, sheds and outbuildings. Homeowners may think that locking the doors and windows of their property is enough to keep it safe from burglars but is it?

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How to get the best car insurance deal

Person holding a toy car in his hand

Why do I need car insurance? Car insurance is a legal necessity in the UK, and has been since 1930. If you are caught driving without proper cover, it is an absolute offence - that is, it is your responsibility to check that you are properly covered before you get behind the wheel. This guide will help you get the best car insurance deal.

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Top car insurance tips for 17 year olds

Car driving test

Young drivers are often faced with sky-high car insurance premiums because insurers tend to view them as more likely to be involved in accidents. But a few tips and tricks can drive down the cost.

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Your car accident checklist

Car accident

If you’re involved in a smash, follow this guide to speed up your car insurance claim.

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Your essential car insurance checklist

A woman driving a car

These are the questions you should ask before signing up for a motor policy.

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Junk in the attic could leave you out of pocket

a selection of antiques at auction

Failing to include stashed-away possessions on your policy could leave you out of pocket

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