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Avoid the home insurance renewal trap

home insurance quotes

Home insurance is more expensive than ever thanks to a rising number of claims – but just accepting a renewal quote could cost you more than it needs to. We explain why.

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Car insurance policies and getting your details correct

Holding toy car in hand

Keeping your car insurance policy and details up to date is the best way to make sure you're covered in the event of a claim.

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Married women's pension rights and Goldtrail problems editor Chris Torney

I booked a holiday – flights and accommodation – with a travel agent three weeks before the airline Goldtrail collapsed.

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Choosing the right investment at a young age editor Chris Torney

My 22-year-old son is looking to invest in a private pension or an ISA. Which is better? He has no commitments, no mortgage, but a student loan to pay off.

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Road rage: your car insurance rights

Angry male driver

We explain how your motor policy works if you’re involved in a road rage incident.

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How bogus callers could invalidate your home insurance

home insurance cover

Being robbed is a nightmare but it’s even more devastating if you let the offender into your home. We show you what to watch out for as winter sets in and the risk of burglary increases.

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How can I reclaim my rental deposit? editor Chris Torney

I recently moved out of the property I’d been renting. My deposit was £490 but I only got £300 back.

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Get the right deal on temporary car insurance


Follow these tips to make sure you don’t pay more than necessary for a short-term policy.

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Car insurance: How to cope with claim rejection

Car accident on a white background

If your claim for a payout on your motor policy is turned down, what are your options?

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How businesses can cut the cost of car insurance

A motorway at rush hour

If you’re an employer, follow our tips for bringing down your firm’s motor premiums.

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