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When your insurer won’t pay out for storm and weather damage

A plumber inspecting a boiler

Heavy snow, wind and rain have contributed to winter weather damage costing £600 million per year in the past few years, according to M&S Money. Although Insurance is useful for combating storms and adverse weather, we also need to maintain our homes.

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Could winter tyres save you money?

A winter road

What’s the difference between winter and regular tyres? We look at the benefits of winter tyres and explain how they might help motorists through UK winters.

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Is boiler cover worth the cost?

A plumber inspecting a boiler

If the thought of having no central heating on an ice-cold winter’s morning sends a chill down your spine, it’s time to check you have the right cover in place for your boiler.

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Which home insurance extras can you do without?

home insurance

When it comes to buying home and contents cover, there are now a wide range of ‘add-on’ products to choose from but not all of them offer value for money. We look at the extras you can afford to ditch.

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Lucky seven tips for life insurance

Family at the beach

If you have a life insurance policy that you pay for without a second thought, or if you’re shopping around for a policy, now is the time to make sure you’re not paying more than you should.

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Van excess cover: The future of cheaper premiums?

Painter decorator and his van

Insuring your van can be an expensive affair, and weighing up whether having a higher excess is worth the discount in premium can be hard. But an emerging product designed to insure your excess could make that decision a lot easier.

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Your back-to-basics car insurance guide

A car key electronically opening a car

For drivers, car insurance is a must. But do you know what factors affect the premium you pay? We break it down for you.

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Is anti-theft software a safe way to protect your possessions?

Front room of a house

Imagine being able to track your stolen goods and even take a picture of the thief to help bring them to justice. But is it safe?

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Declare your motorbike off the road or keep it insured?

Silver motorbike in a garage

As bad weather sets in, most people will be locking their bikes away until next spring. However, since continual insurance enforcement (CIE) rules changed earlier this year, you now need to have valid insurance.

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Could you be undervaluing your contents by £15,000?

Undervaluing your home contents video

Contents insurance is a must have for any homeowner or renter but for plenty of people the value of their possessions is a guess. Should you cover your clothes? Furniture? Carpets? Or what about kitchenware?

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