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Child benefit: Just tell it to me straight author Stephen Jones

After a week of hyperbolic press coverage,’s Stephen Jones cuts through the controversy and asks, ‘exactly how fair is the Child Benefit cut?

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Are your kids insured to go back to school?

British school road sign

The rise in the amount of expensive kit our children take to school every day means getting the right home insurance cover is crucial

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Bank accounts that give children a good financial start


Bank accounts aimed at 12 to 16-year-olds are an ideal way to get your children thinking about how to manage their cash

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Top car insurance tips for 17 year olds

Car driving test

Young drivers are often faced with sky-high car insurance premiums because insurers tend to view them as more likely to be involved in accidents. But a few tips and tricks can drive down the cost.

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The top 10 car games for children

boy sleeping in child car seat

Car games that mum and dad can play with their kids have a long tradition in Britain and we’ve tracked down 10 of the best

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Are your kids covered on your travel policy?

Young family at the beach

Family holiday insurance may not offer as much protection as you think…

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Life insurance: Are you properly covered?

An older couple in the pool
Less than half of UK adults have life insurance cover, our research has revealed. And yet it's prudent to think about life insurance whenever you have a change in life circumstances.  Read More…

Top 10 tips to cut the cost of childcare

boy sleeping in child car seat

As any parent will testify, children cost a small fortune. Childcare, in particular, is one of the biggest areas of expenditure, with average costs for 25 hours per week at £88 in England - or £4,576 a year*. At the same time, the sheer amount of debt accrued by many parental couples means that one of them giving up work to care for the children is not a viable option.

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How to save for your kids

Counting pennies

When it comes to saving, it's never too early to start, and setting up a children' account could be the perfect way to help your son or daughter understand the value of money from a young age.

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The Confused guide to buying life insurance for new parents

Happy family in autumn

With the excitement of the birth of a child, a piece of added protection often forgotten by new parents is life insurance.

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