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Blog: Thrifty tips for new mums

baby nappies and toys

Every new mum will tell you that having a baby is a very expensive business. Here to help, Alexandra from Green People shares her thrifty tips for new mums.

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Blog: Impress your partner for less than £10

a romantic gesture

Even on a tight budget there’s still plenty of ways to treat the special person in your life. Here’s 10 of the best ways to impress for less than £10.

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Are you Mr and Mrs Average?

Parents with adult son and daughter
Do you have two children, a joint income of £39k and drive a blue Ford? Congratulations, you are Mr and Mrs Average!  Read More…

Blog: Half term? Teach your children the joy of giving

A group of volunteers

Have you considered using the half-term holidays time to teach your children that giving can be as enjoyable as receiving? Money-saving blogger Peter Millikin explains all.

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Blog: Money-saving tips for half-term

little girl jumping in puddle

Wondering how you're going to keep the kids entertained during half-term without blowing your bank balance? Take a leaf out of parenting blogger Clare Macnaughton's book.

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Blog: Entertain the kids for less this half-term

A family reading together

Are you looking for ways to keep your children entertained for less during the half-term holidays? Parenting blogger Becky Goddard-Hill shares her top tips.

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Blog: Top tips for flying with young children

plane on runway

Travelling by air with young children can be a headache, but fear not, help is at hand with these top tips to stress free flying with young children.

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Blog: Top 5 family beach holidays for summer 2012

family enjoying splashing in the sea

With so many great locations to choose from, deciding where to holiday this summer can be a struggle. Guest contributor Esme Fox takes some of the pressure off and looks at the top 5 family beach holidays for summer 2012.

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Blog: Who should teach children about money?

Child reading book with parents

Personal finance isn’t yet a fixture of many school timetables. And many parents would freely admit they aren’t up to the job themselves. So who should teach children about money?

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The six types of modern family and their finances

Modern families and their finances infographic teaser

The idea of the nuclear family with 2.4 children is no more. We look at the six most common types of modern families in the UK and how they manage their finances.

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