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Mums fail to protect their children’s finances

mother with baby

Seven out of 10 mothers say the financial security of their offspring is a top priority, yet many have no backup plan if the worst were to happen.

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Rising number of families lack rainy day savings

Saving for a rainy day

UK families are saving less and forgoing vital insurance, leaving millions without a financial safety net, according to new research by Scottish Widows.

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Breaking Bad habits to protect your family

Breaking Bad habits to protect your family with

Watch our short parody video that shows there are easier ways to protect your loved ones should the worst happen.

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£6m paid out to help struggling families every day

Mother and daughter holding hands

Insurers paid out more than £6 million every day in 2012 to help families deal with the unexpected impact of job loss, serious illness, injury or a family death.

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Income protection cover tarnished by PPI scandal

A piggy bank
The PPI mis-selling scandal has understandably shaken consumers' faith in paying for cover against the financial consequences of job loss and illness. But don't write off income protection insurance altogether.  Read More…

8 million families without savings safety net

Money protected by an umbrella

Millions of Brits have little or no savings set aside to cover emergency situations such as redundancy, new research reveals.

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Great Britain is a nation refusing to grow up - ‘Peter Pan generation’ still living at home

  •  05 Oct, 2012
Mature parents and adult children

Brits begin to count the cost of carpe diem lifestyle as nearly half (49%) of lost boys and girls live in debt topping £9,000.

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Third of UK workers pull a sickie

doctors stethoscope

More than a third of workers – 35 per cent - admit having lied to their boss about the reason they have missed work, according to a study by

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Your guide to reclaiming PPI

A piggybank on top of a pile of coins

If you took out a loan, credit card or store card at the peak of PPI mis-selling you may be eligible to reclaim your premiums. Here's how to get started.

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Reclaiming PPI: Template letter

Loan papers
If you took out a loan, credit card or store card at the peak of PPI mis-selling you may be eligible to reclaim your premiums. Get started with our template letter.  Read More…

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