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Mums fail to protect their children’s finances

mother with baby

Seven out of 10 mothers say the financial security of their offspring is a top priority, yet many have no backup plan if the worst were to happen.

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Rising number of families lack rainy day savings

Saving for a rainy day

UK families are saving less and forgoing vital insurance, leaving millions without a financial safety net, according to new research by Scottish Widows.

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Breaking Bad habits to protect your family

Breaking Bad habits to protect your family with

Watch our short parody video that shows there are easier ways to protect your loved ones should the worst happen.

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£6m paid out to help struggling families every day

Mother and daughter holding hands

Insurers paid out more than £6 million every day in 2012 to help families deal with the unexpected impact of job loss, serious illness, injury or a family death.

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British families just 18 days from breadline

A broken piggy bank

The typical British family could survive financially for just 18 days if it lost its normal sources of income and had to live on savings, according to worrying new research from insurer Legal & General.

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Exercise quantity not frequency matters

People using exercise bikes in a gym

Adults who do 150 minutes exercise over one or two days get as much health benefit as those who exercise more frequently.

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Scientists edge closer to cancer cure by preventing spread

A medical researcher

Cancer research took another step towards finding a cure as scientists uncovered how the disease spreads through the body.

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Two-thirds risk cooking unsafe food

making dinner for one

Consumers who judge the freshness of their food using the "sniff test" could be putting themselves in danger, a new survey shows.

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Desk workers most likely to gain weight

hands typing on a keyboard

Receptionists and administrative workers are most at risk of gaining weight while working, according to a new study.

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Treatment kills 15,000 cancer patients

A medical researcher

An estimated 15,000 cancer patients were killed in Britain last year from treatment rather than the disease, Lord Saatchi says.

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