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How to thaw a frozen pipe this winter

A frozen pipe can cause havoc for homeowners. But if the weather gets the better of you, there are ways to safely thaw a pipe before it bursts. This video shows you how.

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When your insurer won’t pay out for storm and weather damage

A plumber inspecting a boiler

Heavy snow, wind and rain have contributed to winter weather damage costing £600 million per year in the past few years, according to M&S Money. Although Insurance is useful for combating storms and adverse weather, we also need to maintain our homes.

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Anger at insurance price hikes for flood-risk homes

Flooded street - home insurance prices hiked

Owners of flood-risk homes are facing huge and unaffordable rises in the cost of cover despite an agreement between the government and insurers to limit premium hikes.

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Home insurance costs continue to soar

A flooded street

New figures from the AA show that harsh winters and severe flooding in recent years have pushed premiums up across the UK.

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Neighbourhood watch: Crime in England and Wales

Crime interactive infographic teaser image

Crime across England and Wales has fallen by 4 per cent, but in some areas like Surrey, Bedfordshire, and Warwickshire crime is on the rise. Take a closer look with our interactive infographic.

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Is boiler cover worth the cost?

A plumber inspecting a boiler

If the thought of having no central heating on an ice-cold winter’s morning sends a chill down your spine, it’s time to check you have the right cover in place for your boiler.

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Which home insurance extras can you do without?

home insurance

When it comes to buying home and contents cover, there are now a wide range of ‘add-on’ products to choose from but not all of them offer value for money. We look at the extras you can afford to ditch.

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New app offers renters' legal protection

App screen shot

A good inventory helps renters avoid disputes when the time comes to claim money back. But the current system isn’t fool proof. We’ve spoken to the developer of a new app that could revolutionise the lettings market

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Is anti-theft software a safe way to protect your possessions?

Front room of a house

Imagine being able to track your stolen goods and even take a picture of the thief to help bring them to justice. But is it safe?

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Could you be undervaluing your contents by £15,000?

Undervaluing your home contents video

Contents insurance is a must have for any homeowner or renter but for plenty of people the value of their possessions is a guess. Should you cover your clothes? Furniture? Carpets? Or what about kitchenware?

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