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How to insure your Christmas presents

Christmas presents

The cost of gifts can mount up, whether you’re giving or receiving, so it’s always good to make sure you’re covered for theft. We show you what to watch out for in case the worst happens.

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Lock down your property properly

home insurance cover

During long winter nights, it makes sense to step up your household security.

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Home insurance mistakes to avoid

Smashed glass with overturned pot plant

Are you wasting hundreds of pounds a year on home insurance that won’t pay out when you need it?

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Protect your home from tradesmen

home insurance cover

If you’re paying to have maintenance work done on your property, make sure you get a good deal and the right cover

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How bogus callers could invalidate your home insurance

home insurance cover

Being robbed is a nightmare but it’s even more devastating if you let the offender into your home. We show you what to watch out for as winter sets in and the risk of burglary increases.

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How fire safety measures reduce home insurance costs

House and fire extinguisher

Fitting a smoke alarm is not only a common sense safety tip but it could help to cut the cost of your home insurance.

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How keys can invalidate your home insurance policy

working from a conservatory at home

Most homes usually have several keys covering front doors, back doors, side doors, and windows as well as garages, sheds and outbuildings. Homeowners may think that locking the doors and windows of their property is enough to keep it safe from burglars but is it?

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How home insurance protects you against rogue traders

home insurance cover

Legal cover on your contents policy is a lifesaver if you’ve been ripped off by cowboy builders

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Junk in the attic could leave you out of pocket

a selection of antiques at auction

Failing to include stashed-away possessions on your policy could leave you out of pocket

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Make sure your home insurance provides full cover editor Chris Torney's Chris Torney explains "new-for-old" cover in home contents insurance, and how it may affect you.

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