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Dip in nation's salt consumption

  •  15 Apr, 2014

People eating less salt in their diets has led to a fall in the number of heart disease deaths in England, a study suggests.

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Many don't recognise they are obese

  •  08 Apr, 2014
A cigarette being smoked

Millions of Britons are putting themselves at risk of early death by failing to recognise they are obese, a report suggests.

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Call for tax hike on cigarettes

  •  12 Mar, 2014
A cigarette being smoked

Anti-smoking campaigners have urged Chancellor George Osborne to increase the tobacco "tax escalator" from 2% to 5% above inflation year-on-year when he announces his Budget next week.

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High protein diet as bad as smoking

  •  05 Mar, 2014
A beef steak

Middle-aged people who eat a lot of animal protein may be increasing their risk of dying from cancer by as much as those who smoke a packet of cigarettes every day, a new study suggests.

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30 years of No Smoking Day in pictures

No Smoking Day 2014

For 30 years, No Smoking Day campaign posters have encouraged people to kick the habit. Here we take a look at 12 of the most creative images.

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MPs give backing to car smoking ban

  •  11 Feb, 2014
Hand holding cigarette in car

A ban on smoking in cars when children are passengers now looks set to become law after MPs gave it their backing.

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Doctors support car smoking ban

  •  07 Feb, 2014
Smoking in a car

Around 700 medics and health experts are calling on the government to ban smoking in cars carrying children ahead of a Commons vote on Monday.

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Data shows fattest towns and cities

  •  06 Feb, 2014
fat couple

Cumbria is officially the fattest county in England, according to data collated for the first time.

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ASA bans 'misleading' e-cig advert

  •  05 Feb, 2014
Woman smoking an e-cigarette

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a poster advertising a brand of electronic cigarettes after concerns were raised over similarities with a major stop smoking campaign.

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Life changes can help prevent cancer

  •  04 Feb, 2014
Vegetable display in a shop

A charity is working to dispel the myth that all cancers are unavoidable.

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