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Blog: Would you holiday in the same place twice?

Couple on a tropical beach in the Maldives

Despite the annual summer holiday being as popular as ever, the average Brit has only ever visited seven countries. So why do people like to holiday in the same place time and again?

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Blog: Do you enjoy driving?

Frustrated driver at the wheel

New research shows that only a minority of motorists relish their time behind the wheel these days. Where has the thrill of driving gone?

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Heathrow bosses wary of T2 opening

  •  13 Mar, 2014
Heathrow T2 under construction

Heathrow bosses are determined not to repeat the same mistakes of the Terminal 5 fiasco six years ago when they open a new £2.5 billion terminal in a few weeks.

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Britons face hotel price increases

  •  04 Mar, 2014
Sharm el Sheikh resort

British holidaymakers are facing hotel price hikes in more than half of the most popular overseas tourist destinations.

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13 ways to void your travel insurance

Travel insurance policy beside a globe

From getting drunk and starting a fight to turning up late to the airport, we look at 13 ways to ensure your travel policy is worth less than the paper it’s printed on.

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Virgin space flight 'set for 2014'

  •  25 Feb, 2014
Richard Branson Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic's long-awaited first space flight will take place in 2014, Sir Richard Branson has said.

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Gove warns over term-time holidays

  •  25 Feb, 2014
A family enjoying splashing in the sea

Michael Gove has told parents it is "wrong" to take children on holiday during term time.

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Seven ways Facebook has ruined our holidays

Facebook like symbol thumbs down

Fed up with photos from friends in far-flung places invading your timeline? Now in its 10th year, this is just one way Facebook has ruined our holidays.

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Are fines for term-time family holidays fair?

Children making sandcastles

A row has broken out over new fines for parents who take children out of school for family holidays. But given the cost of peak-season breaks, is this fair?

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Airports signpost way to confusion

  •  30 Jan, 2014
Passengers rushing in the airport

The most confusing foreign airports to navigate have been named and shamed in a new poll.

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