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Which holiday destinations currently offer the best value?

Rolls of euro notes

The continuing strength of sterling against the euro means that resorts in the eurozone look like a good bet for those heading overseas this summer.

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New travel rights smartphone app

Man using a mobile phone on a plane
Flight delayed or cancelled? Do you know if the airline has to offer you food or accomodation? A new smartphone app guides consumers through the complex regulations that apply to air and rail journeys.  Read More…

Buy smart & beat airline baggage charges

A suitcase on the beach
With budget airlines charging anything from £18 to £80 to put your luggage in hold on a return flight, here's how to buy the contents of your holiday suitcase for less than it costs the airline to carry it.  Read More…

At the airport? Beat the impulse-buy bug!

Airport terminal sign
Can you bag a bargain at duty-free or will impulse buys waste your cash? Maria McCarthy looks at why it's hard to fight the temptation to splurge at the airport.  Read More…

Guide to driving around Europe

Drink driving in Europe infographic teaser

Planning to hit the road on your holidays this year? Depending on which European country you're driving in, the rules and regulations of the road can vary.

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Going on holiday? Top 10 travel apps

Hand on a globe
Going on holiday? If so, and you own a smartphone, downloading the right travel app can make your trip run that little bit more smoothly. We round up the top 10 travel apps.  Read More… guide to driving in France

Mont Saint-Michel, France

Either way you look at it, France is a joy to drive. If you’re the type who just wants to put pedal to metal and whizz down to the Mediterranean coast, you’ll love the motorway system. Motorways may be tolled but they are still great value for money, and cost just enough to deter the local farmers in their rusting 2CVs.

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25% of Brits cut back on travel insurance

Holiday postcard
A quarter of Brits heading abroad this summer won't have any travel insurance, according to new research. But whether you're heading abroad alone, with friends or with family, cutting back on travel cover is a false economy.  Read More… guide to driving in Belgium

Canal in Brugge, Belgium

Belgium has such an impressive network of toll-free, well-lit motorways that it would be tempting to tear through the country without stopping. To do so would be a mistake because it’s only when you get onto the picturesque back roads that the true beauty of this charming little country reveals itself.

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Drivers paying much less for fuel in Europe

Millau bridge
UK holidaymakers driving to Europe are likely to pay significantly less at the pump this year due to the relative strength of the pound, a report has found.  Read More…

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