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Tag: Get away from it all’s guide to driving in Austria

An Austrian mountain village

Unfortunately, if there’s one country that’s too often overlooked, it’s this one, as it’s frequently bypassed in favour of neighbouring Germany, Hungary, Italy and the Czech Republic. But to avoid Austria is to miss out on the hidden gems of this gloriously picturesque European country.

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Rijeka bridge, Croatia

Croatia is one of Europe’s hippest destinations, thanks in part to its stunning ancient walled cities and crystal clear waters. Not to mention the dramatic, mountainous terrain, quaint fishing villages, vineyards and golden sands.

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Chojnik castle, Poland

Looking for a destination with a difference? Then pack your car and head to Poland

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Swedish road

Driving in Sweden’s three main cities – Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo – isn’t easy because of narrow streets, one-way systems and limited parking. But once you get onto the open road you’ll find spectacular drives where quite often yours will be the only car on the road.

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Lysefjorden fjord, Norway

A guide to driving safely in Norway from

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wide open road in a foreign country

Island hopping around Greece on board a smoky 1950s boat isn’t the only way to see the country. Hire a car instead.

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A road bridge in Puente Carlos, Spain

Driving in Spain is the perfect antidote to the stop-start misery of British traffic. Escape the big cities and you can cruise along gleaming blacktops that hug verdant hillsides and carve across endless plains.

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Estrada Corda, Portugal

A guide to driving safely in Portugal from

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Lysefjorden fjord, Norway

A guide to driving safely around Scandinavia from

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A rural view in Tuscany, Italy

Despite the reputation Italian drivers enjoy for being fist-shaking, horn-honking madmen, taking your car to Italy can be surprisingly easy – and great fun. The key is to stick to the countryside where having your own transport gives you access to lakes and mountains, idyllic farming villages and jagged coastlines.

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