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Choose the right windows for your home with

Open window of house

Did you know, you can lose a whopping 20% of a home’s heat through your windows? Well-fitted, quality insulated windows can keep you cool in the summer and insulated in the winter, but old, poorly fitted windows can help turn your home into a money-leaking ice box.

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A guide to fuel mixes

Wind farm

Since 2005, all UK electricity suppliers have had to tell us what makes up the electricity that comes into our homes. This is called ‘fuel mix disclosure’ and it’s a requirement of energy regulator Ofgem.

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Energy switching advice for students and home movers

Gas stove

If you’ve moved home recently or are about to, there are always chores to get out of the way – including sorting out your energy supply.

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Easy energy – direct debit explained

Electric meter close up

Our guide to the benefits and drawbacks of direct debit on your gas and electricity bills

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a retro style refridgeration unit

One way to shave pounds off your gas and electricity bills is to switch to more energy-efficient home appliances. From fridge freezers to cookers and washing machines, takes a look at how they work and why they’re so good.

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Have you reached boiling point?’s guide to the perfect boiler

Boiler controller

Boilers are vital to any home: they keep rooms warm, water hot and inhabitants happy. But not all boilers are born equal. By switching to a new, high efficiency condensing boiler, you could cut your carbon footprint by nearly two tonnes and save as much as £275 a year* on utilities bills.

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What to do if you smell gas – safety tips from

Gas stove

If horror stories of gas explosions leave you tossing and turning in your bed, fear not. There are ways to keep your home safe from gas leaks - and it doesn’t involve cooking over an open fire!

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Rules To Ensure Energy Firms Fair

A 3D pound sign light bulb

Ofgem has proposed new rules for energy companies to follow to ensure customers are treated fairly.

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Monitor your energy usage accurately with a smart meter

Plug being inserted into socket

A smart meter is a cunning little gizmo that accurately monitors your energy usage. It uses GPRS technology to keep your supplier abreast of your usage in real time.

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