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It’s cold outside, so make sure your home is warm

Boiler controller

It’s a bit chilly out. And although pelting snowballs at one another is a whole heap of fun for kids who are home from school, the cold isn’t welcomed by all. Groups such as pensioners are particularly vulnerable to cold weather, especially in light of escalating energy costs.

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Get on top of those new year’s resolutions


With the Xmas period well and truly over and the New Year now in full swing, there’s many of us who have already broken our New Year’s resolutions.

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Be prepared for a boiler breakdown

Electric meter

With winter setting in and snow starting to fall, households will be wrapping up warm and cranking up the heating.

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Landlord and tenant responsibilities in rental properties

home insurance

If you’re renting a property, or renting one out, do you know your rights and responsibilities? Well, we’ve got a few tips and pointers for knowing where you stand.

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The future of energy generation

Artist's impression of a solar island

To reduce global reliance on fossil fuels, much research is being made into more sustainable ways of generating power. Take a peek into a possible future here.

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Gas and electricity: Your energy usage group

Boiler controller

Customers tend to be grouped by the energy industry into low, medium and high users. Different tariffs will be aimed at different level users accordingly. But which are you?

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Think green to save energy - and money

a lightbulb made out of a plant

Energy costs have been coming down recently, so bills shouldn't hit households quite as hard as they did last year when they rocketed through the roof

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Keep your home warm and safe with our top tips

Thermal insulation material

With winter on its way, we’ve got some handy hints and tips for staying warm whilst conserving energy – and moreover doing it safely.

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Where your energy spend goes

blue gas flame pound symbol

Have you ever wondered how suppliers decide what price to charge for the gas and electricity you use? Well wonder no more!

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Understanding your energy bill

plug being inserted into socket

In order to help you to understand your bill, we’ve compiled this guide in which we will address each part of the bill and explain in simple terms what each section means.

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