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Is now the time to fix your energy bills?

blue gas flame pound symbol

Recent rises in wholesale energy prices have sparked debate over what consumers will soon be paying for their gas and electricity.

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Feed-in tariffs: Make your energy pay

solar panel and wind turbine energy farm

The idea of using renewable technology to save money on energy is nothing new. But what if we told you that you could actually make money by producing your own power? Well, in just a few days, new measures from the government will allow consumers to do just that.

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Appliances: How much do yours cost to run?

Plug being inserted into socket

Something you may not have considered is how much your chosen machine costs to run. While you may think that the main consoles are much the same when it comes to energy use, in truth this isn’t the case at all.

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Things not to forget before taking a family holiday

Family holiday

Away on a family jaunt? We’ve compiled a list of things not to forget, relating to home security, energy consumption and travel insurance.

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Top 10 Energy Saving Gadgets

a lightbulb made out of a plant

It seems like there’s not a day that goes past without a dire warning about our energy consumption and the need to drastically reduce our usage - whether it be for the benefit of the environment or of our bank accounts.

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Energy: Your questions answered

A 3D pound sign light bulb

Worried that you might be paying over the odds for your energy but don’t know how to see past the jargon and get yourself a better deal?

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Could an energy monitor save you money? logo on the laptop screen

As part of increasing efforts to up their green credentials, a number of UK utility companies are promoting energy monitors – so enlisted energy monitor provider Current Cost to explain how they can they benefit you and the environment...

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How to keep your business energy smart

Toronto lights

If you run a business, regardless of its type, shape or size, the chances are you’ll be using energy every day. We’d all like to fine tune our usage, so to help, we’ve put together some energy efficiency tips which could save you money.

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13 home moving costs to consider on top of the mortgage

Pound coin path

Now that the property market seems to be emerging from its slump, here’s some information on the costs involved in a home move.

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Manage your money and see the savings roll in

Money savings

Manage your money well and your life can become a lot more exciting, as you get to spend your hard-earned cash on things you like.

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