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Electricity firms told to cut costs

  •  22 Nov, 2013
Electricity pylon in sunset

Five of the six companies that own and operate Britain's local electricity network have been told they must do more to cut costs for consumers.

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National Grid reveals earnings hike

  •  21 Nov, 2013
close up, angular shot of electricity pylon

National Grid fuelled anger over soaring energy bills as it revealed a hike in earnings from UK gas and electricity networks after increasing the amount it charges households.

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Npower deal creates 'big seven'

  •  20 Nov, 2013
Plug being inserted into socket

A new player in the UK energy market is to be created after RWE npower agreed a deal to offload 770,000 customer accounts.

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Energy bills will detail costs to customers

  •  20 Nov, 2013
Money on a utility bill

Energy firms will be forced to give consumers a breakdown of their costs, the government has announced.

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Obesity link to poorly-heated homes

  •  19 Nov, 2013
Traditional Stove Fireplace

Scientists fear rising energy bills may lead to an increase in obesity after discovering a link between poorly-heated homes and higher body fat.

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Energy prices 'creating a desperate situation’

  •  18 Nov, 2013
Citizens Advice Bureau sign

Households have suffered energy price rises eight times higher than the average increase in earnings over the last three years, according to Citizens Advice.

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Savers 'raiding emergency funds'

  •  15 Nov, 2013
A broken piggy bank

More than a quarter of people who have stashed away some emergency cash have broken into it for no pressing reason, a survey shows.

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Energy disconnections at record low

  •  14 Nov, 2013
Plug being inserted into socket

A "large number" of consumers are in significant debt to their energy provider but disconnections have fallen to an all-time low, according to an Ofgem report.

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Co-op reduces energy price rise

  •  14 Nov, 2013
Close up of a blue flame on a gas cooker hob

Co-operative energy has scaled back a planned price increase amid expectations that the government will axe green levies from bills.

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17 years of energy bill rises - NAO

  •  13 Nov, 2013
A lit gas hob

Householders may have to wait until the decade after next before they see rises in their utility bills falling below the inflation rate, a Whitehall expenditure watchdog is warning.

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