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'Green tax' cuts lower energy bills by £50

Green piggy bank and a lightbulb

Reforms to green levies on gas and electricity firms should soften the blow of recent bill increases. We look at how the big suppliers have reacted.

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How to cut your gas & electricity bill

Burning ten pounds on a gas hob

E.ON, EDF Energy, ScottishPower, British Gas, npower and SSE have all announced gas and electricity price rises this winter. Act now to lower your bills.

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Beat winter gas and electricity price rises

Coins on a letter saying energy prices are going up

Winter price rises by the UK's big six gas and electricity firms have been confirmed. Here's how to cut costs.

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First Utility in Shell energy deal

  •  09 Dec, 2013
Plug being inserted into socket

Independent supplier First Utility has signed an energy-buying deal with Shell that will help it challenge the Big Six energy firms.

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Centrica chairman defends 'Big Six'

  •  09 Dec, 2013
gas hob

The soon-to-be former chairman of Centrica has said allegations of "profiteering" and "collaboration" among the major energy firms are false.

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E.ON announces 3.7% winter price rise

Traditional Stove Fireplace

E.ON is the latest firm to announce a gas and electricity price rise – a 3.7 per cent increase on 18 January 2014, adding £48 on average to annual bills.

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Male and female adult onesie

4th day of Christmas

We have two male and two female adult onesies to give away on 4 December. Click to find out more.

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Households misjudge annual spend

  •  02 Dec, 2013
Woman looking over her finances

Families have underestimated the cost of their main household bills in the last year including council tax, gas and electricity by nearly £500, research has suggested.

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Energy firms to cut fuel bills

  •  02 Dec, 2013
Lightbulb on a pile of coins

The big six energy companies have told the government they will pass on savings of a shake-up on green levies which could shave up to £50 off bills.

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Your home's top five energy-hungry appliances

children watching plasma TV

Where is most energy consumed around the home and what can we do to minimise its use? We look at your home's top five energy-hungry appliances.

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