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Will I be stuck with my supplier if I put up solar panels? editor Lisa Greenfield

Thinking of putting solar panels on your roof? Might it limit you to just one energy supplier?

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Seven money-saving resolutions for 2011


By taking some simple steps, you can stretch your money far further in 2011

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Winter care tips for the home

A plumber inspecting a boiler

A checklist of what you need to take care of in your home this weekend.

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Our energy experts answer your questions

blue gas flame pound symbol

As part of Energy Saving Week, we hosted an online question and answer session with experts Greg Shreeve, from the Energy Saving Trust, and Lisa Greenfield,’s energy analyst. Here’s a round-up of the queries that were put to the panel.

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Your rights when automatic payments go wrong

Money protected by an umbrella

Setting up payments to cover housing costs and utilities is convenient, but there are potential drawbacks so make sure you are in the know.

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Q&A: How an energy monitor reduces your bills

Smart meter

Our staff guinea pig has been using an energy monitor and reveals all about how it’s reduced his electricity consumption.

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Gas & electricity annual statements: What are they?

Plug being inserted into socket

Ofgem now require energy suppliers to send annual statements to their customers, detailing exactly how much you’re paying for your gas and electricity. This transparency is, in theory, good news for the consumer.

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Why summer is the time to think about gas & electricity

A 3D pound sign light bulb

Few people care about their household fuel bills at the moment. After all, we’re having a warm summer, and our consumption is low accordingly. But we think it’s the best time to think about them. Find out why here.

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Your guide to renewable energy

a lightbulb made out of a plant

We've teamed up with Home Building & Renovating Magazine to look at the alternative energy sources available to UK households.

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Ten tips for greening up your home

a lightbulb made out of a plant

In the first of a three-part series aimed at helping you ‘green up’ your home, we’ve joined forces with Home Building & Renovating Magazine to offer some top tips for saving money and the planet all at once.

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