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Energy firm overcharging'‘costs us £50 each a year'

Thermostat control with pound sign

Labour claims that consumers are losing out because energy companies buy overpriced electricity from their own subsidiaries.

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Reforms to simplify energy market

  •  02 Jan, 2014
Money on a utility bill

Energy tariff changes due to come into force will help rebuild consumer trust, Ofgem claims.

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Scottish Power cuts energy prices

  •  02 Jan, 2014
Scottish Power sign in a lightbulb

Energy firm Scottish Power is to reduce dual-fuel prices by 3.3 per cent from 31 January as it passes on savings from the government's green levy shake-up.

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Energy bosses face outages grilling

  •  31 Dec, 2013
close up, angular shot of electricity pylon

Hundreds of thousands of homes were left without electricity over the festive period due to severe storms - and MPs want to know why it took so long to restore power.

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Power restored to homes after storm

  •  30 Dec, 2013
A flooded street

Households left without electricity following the Christmas storms have now had their power restored.

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Npower agrees £3.5m customer payout

  •  20 Dec, 2013
Npower logo on energy bill

Energy company npower is to pay £3.5 million to vulnerable customers after it was found to have breached energy sales rules.

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More investment in home insulation needed

  •  18 Dec, 2013
Home insulation

Fuel poverty campaigners are calling for greater investment in home insulation in order to tackle the problem.

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Brits cut back for Christmas

  •  13 Dec, 2013
Christmas pound

Many people in the UK are considering a frugal existence in the run-up to Christmas, according to a new survey.

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Households spending more on fuel

  •  11 Dec, 2013
hand holding cash

Britons are now spending more on rent, fuel and power than they are on transport, according to new figures.

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Couples' tempers flare over heating

Couple in front of fireplace

More than half of UK families argue about their home's temperature resulting in many spending time in different rooms, according to new research.

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