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Savings, energy, mortgage: To fix or not to fix?

Calculator and a paper bill

With the current economic uncertainty showing no sign of ending any time soon, now could be a good time to consider fixing household expenses such as your savings, mortgage and energy tariffs.

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How to get help with energy bills

blue gas flame pound symbol

The typical UK household now spends more than £1,000 a year on gas and electricity, so it makes sense to do all you can to keep a lid on your bills.

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Tea tariffs: The shocking cost of a cup of tea

Cup of tea infographic teaser image

With rising gas and electricity costs, Britons can gripe about the rising cost of doing everyday things, such as making tea. But do we really have it that bad? Of the big six energy suppliers in the UK, which will charge you the most for a cup of tea?

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Blog: What’s the best way to dry clothes in winter?

Image of an eenrgy-saving home

During a typical British winter hanging clothes out to dry just isn’t possible. But running a tumble dryer can be costly. Are there any other options, asks writer Maria McCarthy.

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Save £310 on your fuel bills

Set of energy-related images

With winter on the way, we all want to keep gas and electricity bills down. Switching suppliers is a good way to start, but it’s also important to make sure your home is well insulated – and it could cost you nothing.

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Gas & electricity prices heating up

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Nearly everyone in the UK has been, or will be affected by energy price rises. Find out how much prices are going up by and which companies are to blame.

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5 questions to ask before switching energy suppliers

A lit gas hob
Winter is on the way and so are price rises from the UK's gas and electricity firms, so now is a good time to compare prices and switch to a cheaper supplier. Here's what you need to ask before making the move.  Read More…

Water bills: Can you cut the cost?

House with a pound coin garden path

Water meters are one way to save money on your water bill – but only for certain households.

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Save lives with a 5 minute gas check

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Whether you’re a tenant or a homeowner, everyone’s equal when it comes to gas safety. Save lives with a five minute gas check.

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The best energy suppliers revealed

Gas hob

New industry figures show an overall drop in complaints made against Britain’s leading energy suppliers.

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