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Your 2015 festival calendar

packing suitcase
If you're a frequent globetrotter but aren't sure where to go next, here's a handy guide of brilliantly unique events around the world.  Read More…

Video: How do you make pancakes?

How to make pancakes on pancake day

Not sure how to make the perfect pancake? Watch our chef in action in this quick video recipe guide.

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7 shoppers who prove that drunk spending is a bad idea

drunk spending

From hummus to 'hickenz', here's proof that getting your credit card out under the influence may not be the wisest move.

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Taste test: Non-alcoholic drinks

Shopping basket of alcohol

As thousands of drinkers complete a month off the booze as part of "Dry January", we put a selection of alcohol-free wine, beer and cider to the test.

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Thousands of Brits plan to avoid alcohol in January

Man trying to stop drinking alcohol

More than 45,000 Brits say they will go alcohol free until next month to raise money for charity as well as for health reasons.

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Blog: Pin to Win – our favourite pinners

Nectar points macbook

In March, we challenged those of you on Pinterest to show us what you would spend a million Nectar points on. Here’s a round-up of our favourite Pinterest boards.

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Blog: Our favourite healthy and creative pancakes

Blueberry pancake

Last month we challenged bloggers fanatical about food to make their most creative pancake and then share it with us. Here are some of our favourite entries.

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Are you underestimating your alcohol intake?

fresh vegetables

You might consider yourself a moderate drinker but you could be underestimating how much alcohol you consume by up to 40 per cent, according to a new government study.

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Has tipping become a tax for customers?

British notes and coins

Tipping is a strange and bewildering custom. Knowing when to hand over extra money – and how much to give – can be extremely embarrassing. We explore tipping etiquette.

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How do I live longer? 22 offbeat tips

Ways to live longer teaser

Ever wondered how to change your lifestyle in order to live longer? Check out these 22 ways to increase your life expectancy.

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