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Tag: Energy saving's gas & electricity best-buy table

Close up of a blue flame on a gas cooker hob

No one wants to pay over the odds for their gas and electricity. Check our energy best-buy table to compare cheap gas and electricity suppliers.

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Blog: Have you turned on your heating yet?

Family warming their feet in front of the fire

The clock marking the official end of British Summer Time hasn't even gone back yet, but many are feeling the winter chill. Have you put your heating on yet?

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Switch & save! Energy deals ending August & September 2014

Ten pound note burning on gas hob

A number of gas and electricity deals expire in August and September 2014. Don't wait for your bill to rise. Switch now to save money on future bills.

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One in 10 households are fuel poor

  •  12 Jun, 2014
gas hob

Around 10% of families in England struggle to pay their gas and electricity bills, according to official data.

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Plan for zero-carbon homes revealed

  •  05 Jun, 2014
Solar panels on house roof

Renewable energy experts have criticised Government plans to water down a move to make all new-build homes "zero-carbon".

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Energy users fail to look for cheapest deals

  •  23 Apr, 2014
Energy bill

High energy bills are putting pressure on people's finances but half of users fail to shop around for the best deal, says industry regulator Ofgem.

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Thousands benefit from green homes

  •  24 Mar, 2014
Houses roofs

Over half a million households have taken advantage of the Green Deal or Energy Company Obligation (ECO) schemes so far.

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Older UK homes wasting energy

  •  22 Jan, 2014
An electric fire

"Old and draughty" homes which waste gas and electricity are to blame for high energy bills in the UK, according to npower.

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Minister defends green deal policy

  •  17 Jan, 2014
Green piggy bank and a lightbulb

A flagship government energy project to cut household and business energy bills will hit its target ten years late, a Labour MP has claimed.

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Energy firm overcharging'‘costs us £50 each a year'

Thermostat control with pound sign

Labour claims that consumers are losing out because energy companies buy overpriced electricity from their own subsidiaries.

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