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Holiday car hire: Watch out for these pitfalls

Parents taking children on road trip abroad

Changes to the way that drivers’ points and convictions are recorded could add yet more difficulty to the process of hiring a car on holiday.

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Blog: How to spend less on holiday car hire

woman taking drive with boyfriend

Getting the right price when hiring a car is about much more than what size or make of vehicle you choose.
Here are a few simple tips from Sixt rent a car to help you save money and make the most of your rental.

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Blog: How to ship your car overseas

Red Car

If you are planning to move abroad, you may wish to take your car with you. Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning to ship your car abroad.

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Car hire made easy with

Red Mini abroad

Don’t want to pay through the nose for vehicle rental? Did you know you can now compare car hire with

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Calorific consumption around Europe

European calories infographic teaser

Throughout Europe, more people are becoming overwight or obese. Partly to blame are diets high in calories and fats. So in which countries do people consume the most calories each day?

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Guide to driving around Europe

Drink driving in Europe infographic teaser

Planning to hit the road on your holidays this year? Depending on which European country you're driving in, the rules and regulations of the road can vary.

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Think you know the different driving laws across Europe?

Take part in our Driving in Europe interactive video game

Think you know the different driving laws across Europe? Take part in our interactive video game and see how well you really know them.

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Why it pays to turn detective with your hire car

A toy car on a map
Hiring a car abroad? The small print can often allow car hire firms to bill your credit card for extra charges, as money journalist Sue Hayward found out to her cost. Here's Sue's savvy ways to protect yourself.  Read More…

Taxing fuel around the world

Petrol pains infographic teaser

We look at how much tax makes up the cost of a litre of fuel in the UK - and how this compares to other countries.

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Misunderstood road signs and confused motorists

Confusing road signs infographic teaser

It seems some motorists are confused by road signs. Some might not have a clue what a sign means, or even interpret a sign to mean exactly the opposite. We take a look at the misunderstandings and some crazy signs from around the world.

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