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Blog: Why aren’t ministers tackling drink driving head-on?

Traffic lights

The police released new figures this month that showed a 15 per cent increase in the number of drivers aged 25 or below testing positive for drink-driving or refusing to take a breath test.

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International buzz: Which countries consume the most alcohol?

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Drinking alcohol is something of a national pastime, but some countries might be taking this leisurely activity to the extreme. With this in mind,we were interested in finding out the top alcohol consuming nations.

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None for the road logo in a laptop screen

As part of our campaign to put a stop to drink driving, Julie Townsend, campaigns director at road-safety charity Brake, explains why the problem still haunts our roads, contrary to what we might think..

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Motoring conviction codes

damaged silver car after a front end collision

A comprehensive list of conviction codes for motoring offences within the UK

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Europe by car

An Austrian mountain village

Going to Europe by car? We have a discussion as to whether European driving laws should be standardised, and links to handy European driving guides and videos.

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One in ten drivers would swap penalty points

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Up to one in ten drivers would consider paying or asking someone to take their penalty points if it meant

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