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Blog: Should the drink driving limit be cut?

A variety of alcoholic drinks
A new call to lower the drink driving limit reopens the debate, writes motoring journalist Maria McCarthy.  Read More…

Blog: Are you covered if you drink and drive?

Close-up of a red car

In recent months, changes by some car insurance providers over driving under the influence of drink and drugs have caused confusion, writes motoring lawyer Jeanette Miller.

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Bumper to bumper

Road accidents in England and Wales teaser
The number of cars on the road has increased steadily over the last few decades, so you'd expect the number of road accidents to have increased along with it, but think again. We explore changes in the number of road accidents and vehicle-related offences in England and Wales over time.  Read More…

Smartphone use at wheel bigger danger than drink driving

Close-up of a smartphone
It is already illegal to use an ordinary mobile phone when driving but using a smartphone is even more dangerous, according to new research.  Read More…

Blog: How a drink driving ban could affect you travelling abroad

Airport departure board

A drink driving conviction could jeopardise a person’s chances of working, studying, or even travelling abroad, writes motoring lawyer Jeanette Miller.

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OAP escapes mobility scooter drink-drive charge

Man slumped over steering wheel

A 65-year-old has escaped legal action despite being accused of driving a mobility scooter while under the influence of alcohol.

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7,200 arrested in drink and drug-driving crackdown

Various alcoholic drinks

Around 7,200 motorists were arrested for drink and drug-driving, figures from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) show.

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Ministers consider new drug-driving law

Smashed car window

Ministers are considering the introduction of a new drug-driving offence that could make it easier to prosecute motorists who have taken illegal substances.

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Driving in 2012: New laws, telematics and more price rises?

2011 calendar

Last year was tough for drivers: more price rises, a few law changes and big headlines for the car-insurance industry. So will 2012 be just as eventful? We look at what’s coming up and how it might affect you.

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Motoring madness: What got you talking in 2011?

2011 calendar

This year has been one of price rises: most notably for petrol and car insurance, but also for a host of other household expenses. But it’s also been a year of law changes, from driving to gender. We take a look at the biggest talking points of 2011.

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