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Would you help this 'drunk' man into his car?

Would you help this 'drunk' man into his car?

We secretly filmed an actor, pretending to be drunk, as he asked passersby to help him into his car? How many people do you think refused?

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Over the limit: Drink driving in Great Britain

Animated void driving licence

We take a look at the call for lower drink drive limits, the amount of drink drive offences in GB and whether people think punishments for convicted drunk drivers are harsh enough.

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How a drink driving ban could affect you travelling abroad

Alchohol breath test
Find out which countries have the harshest immigration policy for those who have a driving ban.  Read More…

Who's breaking the laws of the road?

uk speed limits

Who's breaking the speed limit in the UK? We reveal the cars most likely to have specific type of conviction.

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Will intensive driving courses ban make roads safer?

Driving instructor and pupil driving

The Association of British Insurers has called for a ban on intensive driving courses as part of “tough love” proposals to cut young driver road accident and reduce their insurance costs.

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Would you pass your driving test if you re-took it today?

Would you pass your driving test now?

We sent a reporter out for a mock driving test to see how many bad habits she'd picked up in the four years since passing. Would you pass your test now?

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International buzz: Which countries consume the most alcohol?

Digital TV

Drinking alcohol is something of a national pastime, but some countries might be taking this leisurely activity to the extreme. With this in mind,we were interested in finding out the top alcohol consuming nations.

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Europe by car

An Austrian mountain village

Going to Europe by car? We have a discussion as to whether European driving laws should be standardised, and links to handy European driving guides and videos.

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One in ten drivers would swap penalty points

  • laptop

Up to one in ten drivers would consider paying or asking someone to take their penalty points if it meant

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