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Would you pass a drug-driving test?

Assorted drugs
Police and ministers are tackling drug driving with new laws and limits for both legal and illegal drugs. Would you pass the test?  Read More…

Taste test: Non-alcoholic drinks

Shopping basket of alcohol

As thousands of drinkers complete a month off the booze as part of "Dry January", we put a selection of alcohol-free wine, beer and cider to the test.

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Are you underestimating your alcohol intake?

fresh vegetables

You might consider yourself a moderate drinker but you could be underestimating how much alcohol you consume by up to 40 per cent, according to a new government study.

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Over the limit: Drink driving in Great Britain

Animated void driving licence

We take a look at the call for lower drink drive limits, the amount of drink drive offences in GB and whether people think punishments for convicted drunk drivers are harsh enough.

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Bumper to bumper

Road accidents in England and Wales teaser
The number of cars on the road has increased steadily over the last few decades, so you'd expect the number of road accidents to have increased along with it, but think again. We explore changes in the number of road accidents and vehicle-related offences in England and Wales over time.  Read More…

Two 17-year-olds explain the pitfalls of being new drivers

Learner sign being ripped

Are learners being properly prepared for our roads? We talk to two people who have recently passed to find out how they think the system should be improved.

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Would you pass your driving test if you re-took it today?

Would you pass your driving test now?

We sent a reporter out for a mock driving test to see how many bad habits she'd picked up in the four years since passing. Would you pass your test now?

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International buzz: Which countries consume the most alcohol?

Digital TV

Drinking alcohol is something of a national pastime, but some countries might be taking this leisurely activity to the extreme. With this in mind,we were interested in finding out the top alcohol consuming nations.

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None for the road logo in a laptop screen

As part of our campaign to put a stop to drink driving, Julie Townsend, campaigns director at road-safety charity Brake, explains why the problem still haunts our roads, contrary to what we might think..

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One in ten drivers would swap penalty points

  • laptop

Up to one in ten drivers would consider paying or asking someone to take their penalty points if it meant

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