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Would you pass a drug-driving test?

Assorted drugs
Police and ministers are tackling drug driving with new laws and limits for both legal and illegal drugs. Would you pass the test?  Read More…

Police powers to stop and search motorists

Parked UK police car
What powers do the police have to stop and search motorists? Motoring lawyer Jeanette Miller explains all.  Read More…

Police call for cut in drink-drive limit

Alcoholic drink and car keys

A cut in the blood-alcohol limit in Scotland appears to have reduced drink-driving. Now the Police Federation says England and Wales should follow suit.

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50 years of anti-drink driving adverts

Alcoholic drink and car keys
We look at how the drink driving TV ads have changed over the last 50 years.  Read More…

Are £10,000 speeding fines fair?

Speedometer at zero
Ministers plan to give magistrates the power to impose huge fines for common driving offences. Do these proposals go too far?  Read More…

Taste test: Non-alcoholic drinks

Shopping basket of alcohol

As thousands of drinkers complete a month off the booze as part of "Dry January", we put a selection of alcohol-free wine, beer and cider to the test.

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Would you report a drink driver?

Alcoholic drink and car keys

Two police forces are promoting rewards of up to £1,000 for revellers who report suspected drink-drivers this Christmas. But is this the right approach?

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Blog: Do shocking road safety adverts work?

Pub loo shocker TV advert

From gruesome crashes to images of twisted bones, many of us will have seen examples of the shock-tactic advertising used by road safety campaigners. But do these adverts work?

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Top motoring convictions & their hidden cost

Policeman giving driver roadside sobriety test

Exclusive research by reveals the 10 most common motoring convictions – and how breaking the law can cost you hundreds of pounds when renewing your car insurance.

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Are you underestimating your alcohol intake?

fresh vegetables

You might consider yourself a moderate drinker but you could be underestimating how much alcohol you consume by up to 40 per cent, according to a new government study.

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