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Why wouldn’t you take out travel insurance?

A world traveller's suitcase

More and more holidaymakers are failing to take out travel insurance. But why wouldn’t someone take out cover?

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Blog: Should traffic wardens be more lenient?

Blue car parking sign

MP Eric Pickles has called for traffic wardens to be more lenient. But is this a genuine proposal or party propaganda, asks motor lawyer Jeanette Miller.

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Are you a victim of Britain's growing pothole menace?

A pothole and a car

The state of Britain's roads is deteriorating and increasing numbers of vehicles are suffering damage from hitting potholes, according to a new report.

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Europe wants new limits on compensation for flight delays

Asleep at the airport

The European Commission has announced changes to air passenger rights which could make it harder to claim compensation for delays.

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Are you an 'honest' insurance fraudster?

Man in a black and white striped prison outfit

The typical insurance fraudster is aged 31 to 50, has never made a false claim before, and is likely to be claiming for £500 or less for damage to a computer, television or mobile phone, according to new research.

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Top 10 car-buying regrets

Car salesman handing a couple car keys

A third of motorists have bought a car they later regretted, according to new research. Here's the run-down of regrets - and ways you can avoid making the same mistakes.

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Top tips for getting a cheaper car insurance quote

Top ten tips for getting a cheaper car insurance quote

Want to know our top ten tips to help reduce your car insurance premium? Then watch this short video.

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Are petrol prices really fair?

filling up car

Fuel prices in the UK are "fair", according to the Office of Fair Trading. Chris Torney, personal finance editor at the Daily Express, asks: Is this really true?

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Is the Green Deal scheme a waste of energy?

Green piggy bank and a lightbulb

The government has announced details of a new scheme aimed at helping people cut their gas and electricity bills by improving their homes’ energy efficiency.

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Care home fees: New compensation deadline

An elderly woman being comforted by a nurse

Thousands of families in England are being urged to act ahead of the 31 March 2013 deadline to claim back huge sums in care home fees for elderly relatives.

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