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Rise in home insurance claims following storms

A badly flooded UK street

Home insurance claims for damage to property during the recent storms have surged. We look at when insurers pay out – and when they won't.

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10 ways to fight those Christmas £££s

Man worrying about Christmas finances

If your credit card or overdraft has been piling on the pounds over the festive season, it’s time to think about getting your finances back in shape. We explain how.

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Barclays simplifies overdraft fees

  •  03 Jan, 2014
Barclays bank

Current account competition is hotting up with the news that Barclays is simplifying its overdraft fees system - a move which could save customers in the UK around £14 million collectively this year alone.

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Energy firm overcharging'‘costs us £50 each a year'

Thermostat control with pound sign

Labour claims that consumers are losing out because energy companies buy overpriced electricity from their own subsidiaries.

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Npower agrees £3.5m customer payout

  •  20 Dec, 2013
Npower logo on energy bill

Energy company npower is to pay £3.5 million to vulnerable customers after it was found to have breached energy sales rules.

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'Risky' financial products revealed

  •  16 Dec, 2013
Money down the drain

Consumer group Which? has revealed a list of what it considers to be the top money-wasting financial products.

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BT sorry over pay-TV complaints

  •  16 Dec, 2013
BT telegraph pole

BT has apologised after complaints about its pay-TV service doubled over the period it began broadcasting Premier League football.

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Centrica chairman defends 'Big Six'

  •  09 Dec, 2013
gas hob

The soon-to-be former chairman of Centrica has said allegations of "profiteering" and "collaboration" among the major energy firms are false.

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Know your rights when Christmas shopping

Christmas tree decorations

When shopping, it's important to know your rights in case things go wrong and purchases need to be returned. Here's a run down of what you need to know to protect your festive purchases.

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Miller tackles 'unfair' phone bills

  •  15 Nov, 2013
A mobile phone with 4G

Culture Secretary Maria Miller has promised to "work with" the telecommunications industry to protect consumers from unfair charges and price hikes.

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