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New campaign to cut energy bills

blue gas flame

A new campaign has been launched to help millions of UK households cut their heating bills by adopting a range of energy-saving measures.

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Are you paying for something that should be free?

Money down the drain

PPI claims firms are just one example of consumers being persuaded to pay for something that they could just as easily get at no cost. What other cover are you paying for unnecessarily?

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Blog: Who's afraid of the direct debit?

Pen resting on a cheque book

You often get a discount for paying bills by direct debit. But journalist Maria McCarthy prefers to stick to cash and cheques. She explains why.

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Millions set for cheaper energy deals

A lit gas hob

Millions of households are in line for cheaper energy bills under new reforms announced by the industry regulator.

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Should you be rushing out to buy superfast broadband?

Coloured fibre optic cables

If you’ve ever cursed that little buffering wheel when you’re trying to watch a video or missed the end of an online auction because the page didn’t load fast enough, your internet connection could probably do with an upgrade.

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On an energy prepay meter? Switch & save

Thermostat control with pound sign

As of 1 November, gas and electricity prepayment meter customers who are up to £500 in debt with their current supplier will be allowed to switch to a cheaper rival.

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New ATOL certificate clarifies holiday protection

A suitcase with stickers on from around the world
New rules mean that all ATOL-protected holidays now come with a certificate that outlines your rights as a traveller and explains what to do if something goes wrong.  Read More…

British Gas & npower confirm winter price rises

Circular sign entitled energy bills with arrow pointing upwards

Millions of British household budgets are set to be squeezed further as British Gas and npower's winter gas and electricity price hikes take effect.

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How UK consumer credit is improving

UK credit scores infographic teaser

The recent years how consumers spend and use credit has changed. Here's a breakdown of the best (and worst) UK scores, where those people live, and what male and female names are more likely to have good or bad credit.

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Blog: The death of clamping?

A clamped car wheel

Legal blogger Jeanette Miller looks at the new law that, from October 2012, will make it a criminal offence for private landowners such as supermarkets and car park operators to clamp or tow a vehicle.

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