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Water bills set for 2% hike

  •  11 Feb, 2014
water meter

Annual water and sewerage bills are to rise by an average of 2% - or £8 - from April, industry body Water UK has said.

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Calls for gas profits probe

  •  10 Feb, 2014
A lit gas hob

Energy watchdog Ofgem is being urged to probe the gas profit margins of the Big Six energy firms.

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Blog: Why should we have to pay for paper bills?

Woman looking at paper bill

Paperless billing, like self-service checkouts, is here to stay it seems, as more household utility firms impose charges on customers who prefer a hard copy. Is this fair?

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MP slams energy firms' charges

  •  05 Feb, 2014
A gas fire

MPs have called for energy companies to limit the charges imposed on customers who do not pay by direct debit.

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Probe finds late payments on loans

  •  03 Feb, 2014
Pound coins and notes

Over a third of payday loans are not fully paid back on time, according to a probe into the industry.

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Mobile users 'get more for less'

  •  29 Jan, 2014
A woman using her mobile

The average mobile phone user is paying almost a quarter less than they were a decade ago while receiving significantly more for their money, according to a report.

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Hike in packaged account complaints

  •  29 Jan, 2014
Withdrawing money from a cashpoint

'Paid-for' current accounts have sparked more than double the usual amount of complaints in the past year, with many customers claiming they were mis-sold the products.

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Energy giant predicts profit boost

  •  24 Jan, 2014
Thermostat control with pound sign

One of the Big Six UK energy suppliers claims it is on track to achieve £1.54 billion in profits this financial year after a big rise in tariffs in November.

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Regulators quizzed about excluding customers

  •  23 Jan, 2014
Plug being inserted into socket

Regulators aren’t taking account of the overall effect of bill increases and are excluding customers from their deliberations, an MP has suggested.

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How to win your flight delay compensation battle

Asleep at the airport

New European rules mean you can claim as much as £500 if your flight is delayed or cancelled. But you may face a fight to get the money you are entitled to.

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