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Blog: Can you drive your car if it’s failed an MOT?

Mechanic fixing a car

MOT testing might seem cut and dried but there is a grey area - if you take your car for an early MOT and it fails, is your old certificate still valid? We find out.

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Is boiler cover worth the cost?

A plumber inspecting a boiler

If the thought of having no central heating on an ice-cold winter’s morning sends a chill down your spine, it’s time to check you have the right cover in place for your boiler.

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How aggressively can a debt collector hound you?

bank details

Debt collectors have been known for employing unscrupulous tactics when it comes to recovering owed money but new rules mean there are tougher restrictions to control those overstepping the mark.

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Which home insurance extras can you do without?

home insurance

When it comes to buying home and contents cover, there are now a wide range of ‘add-on’ products to choose from but not all of them offer value for money. We look at the extras you can afford to ditch.

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Travel agencies slammed for 'expensive extras' racket

Airport departure board

A number of leading travel agents have been attacked for automatically including expensive extras such as travel insurance or larger baggage allowances on customers’ bookings. A new investigation reveals the culprits.

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Are you owed £400 by the taxman?

Money changing hands

Around 6 million workers and pensioners could be owed £400 by the taxman due to a blunder. Find out if you're one of the ones affected.

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How to choose the right mortgage

Found your perfect home? Now get the perfect mortgage.

There are thousands of mortgage deals available, each slightly different from the last. So how do you decide which one suits you best? Here’s a guide to help you work it out.

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Blog: Don't fall for these motoring myths

A speedometer

Motor lawyer Jeanette Miller says that drivers should be aware of the law rather than rely on dubious popular wisdom about what is and isn’t illegal.

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Car insurance ancillaries: Weighing up the worth

Car held in hands

In the wake of a reported £215m having been paid out by banks for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), it’s clear that we don’t like paying for things we don’t need, and car insurance is no exception.

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How to stop your bank account being raided

Stacks of coins under an umbrella

You may not know this but your bank can dip into your accounts to settle credit card or loan payments, without your permission.

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