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Are you owed £400 by the taxman?

Money changing hands

Around 6 million workers and pensioners could be owed £400 by the taxman due to a blunder. Find out if you're one of the ones affected.

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How to choose the right mortgage

Found your perfect home? Now get the perfect mortgage.

There are thousands of mortgage deals available, each slightly different from the last. So how do you decide which one suits you best? Here’s a guide to help you work it out.

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How to stop your bank account being raided

Stacks of coins under an umbrella

You may not know this but your bank can dip into your accounts to settle credit card or loan payments, without your permission.

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Who to complain to when things go wrong

A man with his hands held out out in frustration

If anything goes wrong with a financial product or service you pay for, it’s up to the supplier to put things right. If they don't, there's help out there. We tell you which bodies can deal with your complaint.

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Cohabiting? What are your financial rights?

Family walk along beach

More and more couples are shunning marriage in favour of cohabiting. But what are your financial rights when it comes to living with a partner?

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How your financial adviser could be taking advantage

Folded twenty pound notes

A new rule will see the cost of financial advice become more transparent from 2013. However, it could mean some people pay more than they need to for years to come. Find out what’s going on.

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Why YOU’RE to blame for gas price hikes

blue gas flame pound symbol

Only one in five households switch for a cheaper energy deal. That's why firms keep prices high.

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Crucial things to check before you rent or buy

Empty Room

Stepping through the front door of a dream home might take your breath away but, for many house-hunters, overlooking practicalities can end up costing you a fortune in the long run.

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5 things to avoid getting wrong this summer

Passport on a map

It’s often the small things that cause the biggest problems and put a dent in our holiday spending so here are five things to avoid getting wrong this summer.

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Success stories of student entrepreneurs

Currency jigsaw

Under-25s are being encouraged to start their own businesses. We speak to three people who have done just that.

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