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11 things less likely to happen than being a millionaire

Millionaire lady leaving a private jet -teaser

Why being a millionaire is more likely than getting injured by a toilet, having a double-yolker and hurting yourself while mowing the lawn. 

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Top 7 music videos for people with money on their minds

Money on my mind is giving away £1,000,000! So, if like us, you have money on your mind why not check out these music videos, which are all about the moolah.

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Blog: Pin to Win – our favourite pinners

Nectar points macbook

In March, we challenged those of you on Pinterest to show us what you would spend a million Nectar points on. Here’s a round-up of our favourite Pinterest boards.

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Blog: Our favourite healthy and creative pancakes

Blueberry pancake

Last month we challenged bloggers fanatical about food to make their most creative pancake and then share it with us. Here are some of our favourite entries.

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The dangers of driving in high heels

Driving in heels video thumbnail

Wearing high heels behind the wheel is not uncommon, with 40% of women admitting this. It's not illegal, but should you keep a pair of driving shoes in the car instead?

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I cycled 54 miles from London to Brighton and now my bum hurts

Photograph of the London eye's Ian Emery relives the highs, lows, aches and pains of his 54 mile London to Brighton bike trip.

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  • has teamed up with Nectar, and we're all about the swapping! We're giving away 1,000 Nectar points when you buy car insurance through us, and we also brought back TV's Swap Shop.  Read More…

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