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This Lent, I’m giving up Lent logo on the laptop screen

It’s that time of year, when smokers say they’re giving up cigarettes and lots of us women attempt to forgo chocolate.

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Money Advice Trust’s 10 tips for dealing with debt

Losing equity

How to soften the blow of excessive spending over the Christmas period.

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Another year, another trek to get rid of unwanted presents logo on the laptop screen

New Year is here, which means it’s time for my least favourite trip to the shops. Nope, I don’t mean battling a million other shoppers to bag a bargain in the sales.

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Consolidate your Christmas debt

A glum man in a santa hat

Want to clean up your post-Christmas debts and get your finances back on track in 2011? Then follow these steps.

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Life after smartphones? logo on the laptop screen

Christmas time: arguably the most social time of the year, and my phone, the hub of my social life, spontaneously combusted. Okay, I’m being a wee bit dramatic - it didn’t actually combust, but it might as well have.

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Money savings

Forget the latest must have gadget, the gift that really keeps on giving is a financial one.

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None for the road logo in a laptop screen

As part of our campaign to put a stop to drink driving, Julie Townsend, campaigns director at road-safety charity Brake, explains why the problem still haunts our roads, contrary to what we might think..

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Somebody to love ‘Unplugged’ logo on the laptop screen

Here it is – a stripped back, unplugged version of Somebody to Love, the Queen hit I recorded in’s recent TV ad.

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Driving home for Christmas? Make sure your motor is up to it

Car driving on icy road

Brits travel more than 200 miles over Christmas to visit friends and family, according to new research. So it’s worth making sure your vehicle is ready for the roads beforehand with these simple steps.

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Christmas gift ideas for bikers: How to keep the big kids happy editor Gemma Rathbone

Christmas is fast-approaching, and it pays to get all your gifts sorted as soon as possible so you can sit back and enjoy the festivities. With shopping time running out and the stress building up, Biker Babe Gemma Rathbone has done the leg work and gathered together some of the best gifts for bikers this year.

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